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As for issues with finding a vet to complete the practicums with, Penn Foster partners with both Banfield and VCA hospitals - the first hospital that I sent a request to, which is a Banfield hospital, agreed to let me complete my practicum there. I absolutely love Penn Foster College. When I first enrolled I really enjoyed the program but shortly after I realized how hard it was to keep up. They fulfill a certain niche in our society for military, working adults, etc... and are poorly served by recent high school graduates who expect to have their hands held and or those who cannot honestly engage in self-guided and motivated study. Penn Foster was a clear choice for me when I started looking at programs. Good luck getting a response from anyone in the education department. My top advice I can give to any perspective students is to do your research BEFORE enrolling. Website Penn Foster College Bachelor degree in Canada, how worth is it? 35 of 37 people found the following review helpful. Penn Foster High School responds quickly to information requests through this website. It is true that Dr Sirois WAS very rude to most of the students. The choice is yours. A ratio of 1:3 is not 1/3 as they claim, it is 1 of 4 or ¼ (there are 4 units, the 1 + 3 = 4 so 1:3 ratio would be 1/4 as fraction). If you are already in the program, I recommend cutting your losses and get an education at an established college or university in your community. Don't fall for it. Accreditation: DETC. 22 of 33 people found the following review helpful. :), 24 of 26 people found the following review helpful. We also have a amazing student ambassador program (I am one of the 2015 ambassador and was a 2014 ambassador as well!) I am in my fourth semester of my Associates Degree in Accounting. 36 of 41 people found the following review helpful. I learned more on the job experience than I have here. Looking at the other comments, it appears that most of the complaints about Penn Foster come from the vet tech students. They have an A.V.M.A. Improved community (they will be changing it again fall 2012). My only problem with the ashworth course is that it is entirely based off of a $35 gunsmithing book. If your supervising veterinarian signs you off on lab skills, it is redundant to have a PF faculty member sign off as well. And when I say a certain extent, I mean if you decide you want to further your career, THEN schooling comes into … It has made me a better person and a better student. I feel like i need more of an instructor to help me know what information I should be taking in exactly. High School Diploma ... Career diploma programs are typically shorter than degree programs, and you can usually complete most in a year or two, though some may be only a few weeks. The answers can be found (word for word actually) easily with a Google or Yahoo Answers search, making it obvious that many students cheat their way through the school's prefabricated lesson plans (or lack thereof). I am learning quite a bit, and I already have my bachelor's degree (this is a second career). and CHEA. You wouldn't have to quit your job. If they did that I think that would put them into an elite group of schools. The class participation requirements are NOT horrible. Unbiased Online Degree Reviews Since 2006, Ranking: #75 Find the best companies in Universities, Colleges and Schools category: Ashworth College and Penn Foster, Ashworth College vs Stratford Career Institute, Penn Foster vs Stratford Career Institute It has been one of the most amazing decisions i have made and i couldn't be prouder to call my self a Penn Foster Student! Penn foster has truly been a life saver for me, I" didn't finish high school and Penn Foster help me find myself and to know my place in life, Penn Foster made me feel good about myself again. They wouldn't even provide the reference. Good luck and wish me luck - I'm still not sure I'll ever complete the program with all of the associated challenges. The webinars can be really good, very informative. There is really no classroom interaction and very little interaction with instructors. I am finishing my degree as my tuition has been paid in full and I believe in finishing what one starts, but am deeply sorry I chose to go here. The teachers have always answered my email questions within 24 hours and have always been helpful. If you are looking for a program that is self-paced and payment plan friendly, then check out Penn Foster! You would think SOMEONE would answer the phone right? Due to them taking their time sending materials, not crediting me with time spent in online groups, not giving me info about my first practicum, I had to start the program all over at the end of my 3rd semester. Penn Foster's associate degrees are only accredited in the State of Arizona by the way. I am just about done with my first semester and it is much, much cheaper than the alternatives and I have few complaints so far, perhaps because I paid all at once. 5 of 9 people found the following review helpful. Penn Foster Pride! I am doing Penn Foster. Penn Foster is not for everyone, but fortunately...it's the school for me. I have just completed my first semester in this program and would strongly recommend Penn Foster to anyone searching for a creditable online college. This was a HUGE help for me in the biology section. On the primary Penn Foster website where you view all the programs to enroll in, you can read an overview of your program of interest. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Plan on being frustrated and disappointed along the way, however. All colleges and universities require complete payment before graduation (ALL OF THEM). I have a Bachelor's Degree in Science and a Master's Degree as well, so I have some experience with education (vet tech is to be my 2nd career). I have never had an issue with shipments or with getting an answer from student services or an instructor. I am active duty miltary. Its a really worthwhile course to take. DOWNSIDES: I did and am so glad to have enrolled!! Penn Foster college is the most expensive scam I’ve ever fallen for. Students that did not research before enrolling are usually the ones angry and leaving negative reviews because they didn't know they had to complete an externship, find a proctor or site location on their own, unable to find an externship site that has all the necessary equipment (i.e. I recommend taking advantage of the resources while you have them They have been very helpful over the phone and via email. Most questions can be answered there. Basic instruction in math, like teaching you, a fraction is the same as a ratio. Interestingly enough Penn Foster is not the highest school on their complaint roster, hmmmm. I have to say I really love this school. And often times you're given DVD's, CD's or CD-ROM's to help you better understand the concepts of the lessons. Students set their own pace for completing certificate or degree programs and can pay tuition in full or in installments, Klapper said. They need a more organized way of actually helping their students and giving them some real answers. I am still in "semester"1, note semester are not regular school semesters they are "units of study", when you complete one you move on. I am not a person that finds it particularly difficult to read and follow directions. She told me 'I expect a more professional tone from you in the future' and then said that if I continued to email her she would report me to the student affairs and have me expelled. To be fair, I did receive a couple of decent "real" textbooks that I decided to keep, like a very complete medical dictionary and a great anatomy and physiology reference book. The pharmacy technician program may be unnecessary because all the chain pharmacies around here send you to their own training program when you get hired and I was told they prefer to train their own people to their own system. I know that because I looked into it since I know a lot about guns. I tried to dispute this and the school would not allow me to. I finished the program with penn foster two months ago. The program director is basically a poster boy and has no real power in the program to help the students and defers to other faculty to make decisions. 15 of 15 people found the following review helpful. If you are looking to further your education whether it be in Veterinary medicine or one of the other amazing programs the school offers please go with Penn Foster! To complete this degree program you must be able to manage your time well and be prepared to commit yourself to studying daily and keeping on tract. Unbiased Online Degree Reviews Since 2006, Ranking: #75 24 of 28 people found the following review helpful. accredited program. She is a RN for a large hospital in northern VA. Terms of Use | As with any online college, it's not for everyone. It is easier for peopel already in the field lookign to complete the degree for state requirements. You have to be a self starter to succeed. If they are ripping off students as reviews indicate then a father's advice is to go elsewhere. There are frustrating delays at every turn. According to Penn Foster's website, nearly 80 percent of their graduates who found work in their field of study did so in three months or less. Here is a list of the largest nationally accredited schools. It does not take much to be honest to potential students. Materials are delivered at the pace of the company, not by the student! I see several students drop out of their program because they didn't realize what was required of them. Plan on being frustrated and disappointed along the way, however. I am not receiving anything of value from Penn Foster. This is a fully accredit school! 8 of 11 people found the following review helpful. I am still in the accounting field doing payroll now for a government contractor in the DC area. You better know every word and concept in your books before you take that test...because it is closed book, short answer/short essay only and you will have ten minutes to respond to each question. 17 of 22 people found the following review helpful. So I found Penn Foster. I can listen to the lectures when my eyes need a break, I can play loud music while I'm reading the books, I can rotate the laundry on my day off while I study, etc., I can study when I'm stuck in traffic or on a break at work or can't fall asleep. I will never use PennFoster again and will never recommend them to anyone. But it's not something out of this world. You would NOT be able to pass these exams if you didn't actually know what you were doing. 13 of 17 people found the following review helpful, I am a seccond year or third semestor student. It will not be easy; you will have to study and research. At least this is what worked for me through second semester calculus. First off they are not regionally accredited so if you want to transfer Penn Foster College (PFC) credits to a real college/university you can not.

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