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Yay! SHOP SLEDGEHAMMERS Instead we just waited, after a while we got most of the living room done including purchasing and installing our new flooring. I wanted to achieve a layered,... Can you believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner? Hi Adriana, I have moved to Virginia but my son still lives in Florida, so I will be back often. I AM DOING THIS!!!! I just found this post, your stairs look amazing. In hindsight, that one large piece was heavy and hard to handle by myself, so maybe find someone to help out for this step. Taking our the handrail and building in the structure of the new newel post: So, after we had opened up the space by moving the soon to be (ha, ha… two years later) new newel posts back 2 feet. So maybe a super shiny poly would have made a difference. The stair redo how-to I know it took me forever to get this post up, but I’m finally going to share the rest of the steps it took to get the stairs to where they are now – that would be GORG . I like to use rubbing alcohol to clean painted wood. I'VE MADE SEVERAL DRIED FRUIT GARLANDS FOR CHRISTMAS, BUT THIS ONE MAY BE MY FAVORITE BECAUSE IT'S... Don't throw out your hanging light fixture the next time you are doing renovations. We didn’t want to cover the gap with strange moldings, because inevitably that would look a little hokey in my opinion. To combat this, install the treated 2" x 4" directly against the floor. p.s. Nice to virtually meet you! We just slid it in and out. This blog is about DIY at its finest. So this monster of a project all started while my husband was away at work… (BAD WIFE!) No need to tape and worry about getting paint on the new stairs! Then we cleaned it up the plan a bit. Where you get the stain from? You might want to consider a chair lift on your stairs. They look lovely... I’ve always loved stairways inside homes. Then he re-glued(construction adhesive) and nailed or screwed them back in place. The old carpet on my stairs was worn out and stained. You can get it from Amazon. Good Luck!! Finally Justin built our newel posts and we have a tutorial of how he did that. SALE EXTENDED! This process took a while, but the planning before that took a good year – I took my time deciding what to do. Cheap Stair Makeover Ideas. Tight on cash? Retro-fitting stair treads is the simplest solution for a DIY’er intent on installing hardwood treads over an existing flight of stairs. I do however want to review it a bit for you to see. Interior stairs can be covered by several types of material, such as carpet, wood, tile or natural stone and sheet vinyl. My carpet is already off. This wreath is so easy to make and smells so delicious! Plus only cost about $15 too! I put three coats of stain on each tread two hours apart for curing. In my current house, the wood stairs lead to a carpeted hallway. Don’t cover up the beautiful wood hiding under old, ugly carpet. © 2005-2016 Remodelaholic LLC, All Rights Reserved, FREE BONUS: Kitchen Organization Boot Camp, Remodelaholic is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Using a cheap paintbrush, spread over the step in a thick layer. It consists of a Retrotread and then I glued assorted sizes of red oak boards to the far side of it. If installed properly, it will give your stairs a brand-new look, and your stairs will be more functional, more comfortable, and quieter than before. I’ve read a lot and several recommend to put those over the existing stairs. I had recently seen a photo on Instagram of a home with beautiful mosaic stars stair wraps and was... We have the world's ugliest stairwell that USED to have a ceiling mount fixture. We are want to say thanks if you like to share this post to … We were waiting on the color of stain choice. But anyway, we all need to be reassured that yes, this project ended so here is a sneak peek! I like your child gate -is it attached to the banister?how does it open/close? You can use woodprix, it has the best handbooks and ready instructions. The burned out... Quarantine 2020 has turned into Home Renovation Quarantine for us. You shouldn't have to replace them if they are clean and smooth! They are called Retro Treads and mine were unstained red oak from Lowes. It works much better to put on the cap and then the riser sits on the back of the step and helps hold it in place. I would clean the risers first. New Stair Treads in No Time—Here’s How to Do It … By Matt Weber. All of them teenagers. I am just not ready to make that kind of time and brainpower investment yet!). Many years ago, I created a post where I took the carpet off my stairs and updated them with Retro... if you are a wood dining table lover, this project is definitely the one you are looking for. *** UPDATE *** I get a lot of questions on if my wood steps are slippery and if we have trouble with people falling on them. 25 DIY Ways To Update Your Stairs. 20% off all woodworking plans and printables with code BLACKFRIDAY. As soon as we knew we had nice wood under the carpet we ripped the carpet and padding up and began our journey to re-doing our stairs! That’s right! Instant smooth stair risers! (this picture was not only figuring out the stair layout but how the arch and columns we added in would look). First , I removed all the carpet. For each stair, cut 10" treads from 2" x 10" lumber and 7" risers from OSB sheets. You can see how it all went down at that link. The most important part of how to refinish stairs that were carpeted is as always cleaning the stairs thoroughly before applying any product. At this point, … We didn’t know what color our floors were going to be, so we couldn’t match it to the stairs. Add new treads: If you have a worn staircase, a simple solution to spicing up the look and making it look completely new is to simply add new stair treads. Then of course I told him about it, and showed him what I did… I’m not that sneaky! A stair cap covers them completely, no worries about how awful they look. So this was the first purchase for this project. It looked exactly like I wanted, and you could see how much bigger the space was. After a long tiring day climbing the stairs should be a beautiful experience. Then, I came back with a heavy duty pliers and pulled out all the staples. The stair carpet was crappy to say the least, and I really wanted my staircase to be amazing. Good luck from an 80 yr old ! ***. It’s outdated and can look worn and tacky. To adhere the caps to the steps, I used heavy duty flooring adhesive in a giant caulk gun and a nail gun to secure them. I never have enough coasters. Whatever you use, just let it dry completely before applying your stick ons. And those glossy super shiny wood floors you see? I didn't really spend a lot of time on them unless there was a chunk of spackle that would make a bump. Make sure to get the corners and edges well. Many homes in my area have it; the split foyer staircase. This staircase makeover was accomplished in a weekend and looks like a professional--proof that a staircase remodel can be a DIY job. I wanted to make these stairs into a feature for the house. Staining Stairs Process. I hate carpet! I have a classic 80's home setup. I'd seen... Transform steps with a texture that hides dirt and adds a bit of traction. Can you please tell me what material is it that you use to wrap in the base and the post of the large custom newel post you made? Finally, ‘Bob Vila‘ brings us this nautical rope DIY stair railing idea… creative! Much better. Retro Treads can be found on the internet. Because of its close proximity to the kitchen, this storage space was used as a mini bar, but the space could also be used to store a book collection or used as a crafting space. So we thought about our choices and we used our experience with adding a wall stringer after the fact, to the first staircase in our first house (part 1, part 2 and part 3) to fill the gaps. Also, the floor adhesive was pretty thick and I applied a generous amount so that also allowed for some forgiveness here. I like how the previous homeowners transitioned this area. Get rid of old carpet and/or carpet runners and try a fresh look instead. Get tips for safety and design. We drew up some plans and sketches of the space. It's the perfect easy wreath for Christmas.... We recently created a faux fireplace mantel surround for our bedroom. But after having the living room floor done and a second beautiful daughter born (and the use of my body back- thank heaven for a working body!) Instead of a single small step, this porch now features a wraparound step made out of the same lumber. I love this idea, what kind of stain did you use so it will last? by Darwin Hall. (In this case it was both money and time saving, because we took the railing out in 2 large chunks, using mostly our reciprocating saw, and all we had to do to replace them was cut them to size.… just saying!). It can be. Then Justin took the time to carefully pry off each glued and nailed stair tread and stand it outdoors and route the front edges. Okay so this budget stair remodel is seemingly the project that never ended… It was one of the first things we demo-ed and one of the last things we wrapped up. These required very little effort. Thank you. I really wanted to have an entry space and not just arrive in the living room. I scraped the stairs a little and vacuumed them. Also, cut one piece of treated 2" x 4" lumber to 3' long. (Bad Husband!-What do I do projects for when you are away at work?… Basically to get a big bunch of praise when your home – my love language apparently! Laminate flooring installation requires a perfectly flat surface. Our interior stairway has steps that are much too high for us. In addition, to these factors, my kids were older. Mine were unstained and I stained them a very dark color. Practical and Inexpensive Basement Stair Ideas: Redoing basement stairs isn’t difficult or time consuming! If it weren't for the landing, I would have been finished in a weekend. Haha. Then, I installed it as one large piece. Then Justin took the time to carefully pry off each glued and nailed stair tread and stand it outdoors and route the front edges. I also live in Florida. The average cost for a Stair Specialist is $670. is creative inspiration for us. When I finished painting my upstairs hallway floor I really wanted to try painting a faux rag rug,... A big home fashion trend just now is faux fur rugs. It wasn’t visible from down stairs…. Inspect the stair treads for flatness. The carpeted stairs had to GO!! ... Stairs and windows are an integral part of your basement remodel. We had very little, if any budget for this project so we tried to work with what was existing, and for the most part we did. High-quality prefinished stair treads are made of solid edge-glued wood—not a veneered or engineered material—and can be used to “cap” or reface an existing tread. I really think this involves many factors that are individual to your situation. Pretty much only the teenager that was living up there, traveled up those stairs regularly and myself to clean. Move down the steps to the bottom, and throw away … The stair runners were just structural 2 x 12’s in case you were wondering. So I ripped it up and installed Pergo laminate (LOVE!!). Pour some liquid onto the top step. Carpet to wood stairs. Can you tell me what you did on your landings? Looks lovely! My dilemma is do I need to buy new treads for the stairs. The price of a Stair Specialist can vary depending on your area. Cassity started Remodelaholic with her husband, Justin, to share their love for knocking out walls together. Another factor for us, was the fact that only one bedroom was up these stairs. I wanted to share with you how I painted a faux rug on our front steps. Handrails - The railings that you hold onto when using the stairs. Hi. Fortunately, they’re simple to install with these basic step-by-step instructions. Once you’ve chosen your grade, it’s time to get your freight quote. Are you kidding?" Your staircase might be the last place in your home you'd think to decorate. I only used part of this can. Because I have my entire powder room ripped apart right now and it's nowhere near ready to show you yet, today I'm sharing a project done … Maybe fine when we were in our 20's but not now! This is a cheater version (little scraping / little painting) that uses wood caps on top of your existing stairs. it was more of a temporary thing. I got sick of the crappy looking stairs, and decided to go ahead and start the finishing process. If I want to use the scenic stick-ons where the risers are do you think I could just put them over the existing stair risers or is it better to add the risers and then the stick-ons? Two and a half hours TOTAL from start to finish!!! Making a house a home is her favorite hobby. DIY tutorials, Woodworking plans and more. I made sure they wouldn't have any super rough spots but I didn't spend hours sanding them ultra smooth. We recently moved into this home that mostly has gray walls but I am a color... Love to propagate plants? I do have a landing and I used one Retro Tread and added enough red oak boards behind it to cover the landing. We lived in Florida at the time I put these steps in our house. Of course, that is just for the stair risers. After you made the mudroom and redid the stairs! Carpet rips up quite easily! I love accent walls. But under the carpet was raw, jagged, uneven wood. And guess how long it took! (great for little dogs). This is the perfect time to start... DO YOU LOVE THE LOOK OF SNOW ON A CHRISTMAS TREE? Looks Great!..What kind of board did you use for the risers? So I peeled a corner of one of the steps away to see what was there… and tucked it back in before he got home. To hire a Stair Specialist to add or remodel your stairs, you are likely to spend between $360 and $860 total. So in the picture above, all those risers were ripped out, and mdf breaks when pried. Here is a picture of the landing. Something like these inspiration shots I was looking at, this is in the days before Pinterest, so I am not sure of all the sources and many of them were ripped and scanned from my favorite magazines (especially This Old House  image 1,3 and 4 at least– I heart TOH!) There were a million staples. How redo stairs by removing carpet and prepping the wood. Yes, this is a pain, but, it’s really important for smoothing out imperfections in … More About Us…. I combined two ideas to makeover my basement stairs. I built the first edge of the landing with pine wood cut the shape with a nose and the same width as the flooring for the landing. 2.5 hours! Sorry no source for 2, image 5 BHG image 6 Houzz.- I got them off of my Pinterest boards since they had sources). I will someday but there are TOO many things to think about that effect each other. And the pad came up quickly as well. Sand entire staircase. Lots of scraping and lots of painting. Here was one of my first goes at sketching out the plan. I bought prepainted white mdf boards and cut them down for risers. This stair railing idea from ‘Fairly Modern Home‘ is a great inspiration… they used ordinary rebar as their railing, and saved big bucks! I think it was around $50 to get 2 – 8’ 2 x 12’s. Then because my husband is an over achiever, we drew it up in 3d and rendered the image. It might be less expensive than tearing out stairs...and since you will be getting older instead of younger...it might even be safer. Well, this is a cheater version (little scraping / little painting) that uses wood caps on top off your existing stairs. we used the same flooring as in this post, https://www.remodelaholic.com/installing-a-floating-wood-floor-living-room-update-part-6/. How to Redo Carpet-Covered Stairs. Especially after I painted it black. Published: February 20, 2013Filed Under: *Our Projects, Park House Tagged: Park House, Park House Entry, Park House Stairs, Stairs, Wood Flooring, wood stain. Also like I said before I wanted the entry to be it’s own space or a different “room” if you will, so I chose not to add the wainscoting to the walls, but I did carry the base molding through. These stairs are beautiful but the poly that I planned to add, I never did. Taking up the largest surface areas, the floor of the stairs set the look of your stairway. So glad you left a question! (And this people, is why I haven’t built a house yet. These can be made of several materials, including wood or iron. I got the bug to redecorate since our entryway was the first thing you saw, but let … My Retro Tread Caps were $23 a piece. 4. NuStair originated this stair remodeling method and is the proud owner of two patents - US Patent Number 8,516,771 and US Patent Number 8,749,937 . How to redo stairs on a student budget. Since it is almost always hot there, we didn't have a lot of sock-footed traffic on the stairs. 95 Ingenious Stairway Design Ideas for Your Staircase Remodel. I put them all together with wood glue and clamped them securely. Wonderful job. See more ideas about stairs, stair makeover, staircase makeover. We were also planning on adding the same door molding treatment and crown molding to the entry (but ran out of time). **TIP: One of the best ways to figure out what you can do with a space very quickly (even for the artistically challenged) is to take a picture of the space and sketch out different alternatives over the image. … That was the hardest part of the project. Finally having a newel post might have had me dancing and praising the heavens! They are really long and I cut about 12 inches off each. Hand painting, spray painting, stenciling, using wallpaper, navy tones, floral touches or bold strong combinations, there are tons of ideas and methods of redoing your staircase into the perfect one you have always wanted. Get more photo about home decor related with by looking at photos gallery at the bottom of this page. I am researching redoing my stairs also. If you want to see the whole stair process you just need to check out the stairs tag! We're retired, hubby is disabled veteran, what is the least expensive way to redo these stairs in a safe way? I thought others could use this idea as inspiration. I will admit other people could have gotten this done in a lot faster manner, but I am a slow like molasses remodeler when it effect more than one space. Okay so they pretty much stayed like this for two years, while I had babies and we dealt with life… Remodeling, may be our hobby, but we still have to live. The ultimate stair makeover! Design by John Gidding. When he installed the new bottom two stairs, he also routed the front edges of the 2×12 on the top and bottom, so that the nose of the stair tread had a more pleasing and looked more finished and less like a 2×12! One of the issues we found when we were replacing the stair treads was a big gap on the both sides of the tread (up against the wall). Note: These stairs will rest on a bare concrete floor -- but untreated lumber will absorb moisture and rot from bare concrete. Sanding the stairs. But we didn’t clean it off right away because of the mess it would have caused. How To Refinish Ugly Stairs. A porch remodel can be a big job, so why not take the time to make the stairs something really special too? We also wrapped up the side of the stairs which were on hold because of the living room design from forever ago. This year, I'm going full-Boho for my Christmas decor.... Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page. Vanna show it off, oh my goodness, Etta was so little… Sweet Girl! So what material did you use for your landings? I'll show you how. by the way, our stairway going down into the cellar is the same, as is the stairway going up into the 2nd story of our garage. She and Justin have remodeled three homes from top to bottom and are working on their fourth. And this time while my husband was away at work something exciting happened… the stairs got stained! Get a Freight Quote. Is your kitchen a zen paradise? Now in regard to the stairs themselves, I didn't spend a lot of time sanding these treads. The BackgroundFooted trays are all over Instagram and Pinterest right now. Removing carpet from stairs and replacing it with wood stair treads is a totally doable DIY. Luckily my husband wasn’t too mad about my little carpet escapade and let me rip off the rest of the carpet. Check out my step-by-step tutorial so that you can redo your own stairs with minimal work and maximum effect! Have a highly utilized stair in your home that needs new flooring? Stair, Stairway Makeover Remodel. and they were covered with plaster splatters from our much hated wall texture. How to redo stairs for cheap - Give your outdated staircase a gorgeous new look! How to Install Metal Door Arches. Duraseal quick coat 2 hour antique brown stain. Removing carpet provides a quick stair remodel. https://www.remodelaholic.com/installing-a-floating-wood-floor-living-room-update-part-6/, https://www.remodelaholic.com/how-we-built-our-custom-newel-posts-tutorial/. Space under the stairs can be used to store any odds and ends that tend to make thier way into our lives. And this “little” –ahem, huge remodel effected the entry, stairs and living room, which also was effected by the kitchen, so I had to know what everything was going to look like all at once, and I am a sort of plan and change things as you go girl…. You can see more details of the newel posts here: https://www.remodelaholic.com/how-we-built-our-custom-newel-posts-tutorial/. Every single time I walk up them, I love them. Remodelaholic is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. We are obsessed with it and so are you, so while we're working and have nothing to show you of our own projects we show off yours. The trick to get a smooth finish easily is by … We went about expanding the bottom two stairs to wrap around the soon to be newel posts. he didn’t even notice!!!! A few things obviously changed, but you get the picture. First, I painted a runner on them. It looked really beautiful when it was done. I love the idea of entry spaces and it is one thing I really haven’t had in my houses (technically in my first house I had one but it was all doorways so I couldn’t make anything of it). We used it the whole time we lived there, it was a great idea, and is REALLY nice for long spans for cheap. Let’s chat shall we, about how we got to this point…The staircase in the entry was one of the things that I liked about this house, but in its original state it made the entry space feel SO SMALL! the baby gate was just wedged between the banister and railings. To me, the most important little tool is the tack cloth because even after vacuuming and cleaning the stairs I still got a huge amount of lint on the cloth. ), At the same time we finished the two landings. I wanted to make over my staircase since it was reallllyyyyy UGLY! **TIP: Reusing anything that is in decent shape is always a big money saver- however, it is not always a time saver, so you need to weigh out your options and plan accordingly. This was the stain that I used and I love how it came out. 30 Jaw-Dropping Decorating Techniques You've Never Seen Before, These Bathroom Makeovers Might Inspire You To Update Your Own, Instantly Upgrade Your Living Space With These Amazing DIY Ideas, Get Ready For The Baseball Season With These Great Projects, The Best Industrial Style DIY Ideas For Your Home Using Pipes, 25 Beautiful Things You Can Make With Rope & Twine. You can learn much from them and make it yourself. Keep reading to discover our Top 5 Stair Remodel Ideas for inspiration on your upcoming wood stairs project. First, I put on all the risers, DO NOT DO THIS. How To: Make Hot Glue Placemats + More Crafts Ideas! We hope you learned how easy it is to update your home with these DIY stair railing ideas! Hello! Obviously the project was just a little more than finishing a beautifully built stair, cuz out staircase was a mess! I was worried that the boards might stain differently than the Retroread but it was a perfect match. :). Adding a second wall stringer to fill gaps: The stair tread covered the seams on the wall stringer and there were no big gaps on the side anymore! Justin installed the railings again, which I don’t think I actually photographed the process of- it was that fast, he just cut it to fit and nailed it back in place! S0 that’s what I did!! (I left the 5 upper stairs carpet, and while it may seem strange it was the easiest place to stop the wood since our family room upstairs had carpeting. We used the wood listed in this post: https://www.remodelaholic.com/installing-a-floating-wood-floor-living-room-update-part-6/ It was the same as the new living room floor. I have no nice words for how the staircase looked before. So submit your projects! Dec 12, 2019 - Explore Rae Simpson's board "Redoing stairs" on Pinterest. SO instead, we (meaning mostly Justin) started removing the hand railing, which we kept intact so that we could replace them after we made the changes. Well, I am sure there will be projects in the next house as well. Next we cut out new stair risers, painted them white, added polyurethane and glued them in place with construction adhesive (to avoid patching and sanding holes since they were already painted and sealed. For the actual structure of the bottom stairs we reused any 2×4’s and 2×6’s that we already head. Tired of spending a lot of money on charger plates? It came out to around $40. After priming the walls in the kitchen and entrance way, I began to seriously decide what I was going to do with the stairs leading up to the kitchen. We were talking of moving and my oldest son said, "What! Congratulations. Balusters - Decorative pieces that help to support the handrails. We made this little child’s gate  from a sheet of vinyl trellis wrapped with a  few moldings on the top and bottom. I wasn't happy with most of the affordable ones I... Hey it's Jess from Jessica Welling Interiors! Hey there, I am Cassity! You know all of those stair tutorials that are a lot of work. Plus I could paint it before attaching! I picked up a pair of nightstands that were luckily already prepped for me with primer. Stairs are the number-one way to get from one level of a building to another. I would peel out a corner and then yank. It was important to me that the staircase matched the living room, but that they didn’t compete. She is an interior designer, wife, and mother of two. keep in mind, I'll (wife) be doing most of the work, so please go easy on me! I think that socks on stairs can be dangerous, either wood or carpet. The stairs are in pretty bad shape; the risers have a thin hardboard veneer attached to them. Awesome stair redo with painted treads and beadboard risers (and painted banister and spindles) from 11 Magnolia Lane. A little bit went a long way. 10" high and very steep. Stair Fitter is the stair refacing system that anyone can do, so you can finally get rid of that nasty, dirty carpet on your stairs and have beautiful, healthy and lasting hardwood! Please see our full disclosure here. I really would prefer to stain or paint the existing ones but I don’t know if they would be enough support for the stairs. Posts tagged how to redo stairs for cheap Staircase Renovation: Makeover Your Stairs for Under $80! Get the tutorial at Sew a Fine Seam. Please see our full disclosure. Did you use additional 2 x 8’s? Pros: Carpeting is a popular way to refinish stairs. Which kid of wood did you lay? When he installed the new bottom two stairs, he also routed the front edges of the 2×12 on the top and bottom, so that the nose of the stair tread had a more pleasing and looked more finished and less like a 2×12! But here are some more shots of the after: The biggest change associated with the hand railing was wrapping it the unfinished arch. It is finally time to sand the stairs! 3. We need lots of work. It's time was up and it needed to go. I personally have 3 in my home. Cons: Unfortunately, the carpet also tends to collect moisture and can suffer from mold issues if placed in a … I wasn't... We needed some speakers for my son's computer. This project of the living room, stairs and kitchen was so much like a life sized 3-d puzzle, figuring it out as you go. Okay, I showed you what changes were happening in the entry so all I have left is to show you the final images of the stairs and entry, but this post is getting so long that I will show you all the finals tomorrow! There are various style options depending on your budget, the level of maintenance you are looking for and your décor preferences. Treads and risers - Treads are the part of the stair that you step on, and risers are the pieces of wood that make up the back of the stairs.

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