is an engineering degree hard

Aside from this however, Communications majors have opportunities to do fun projects, and a lot of writing. We have researched the EASIEST college degrees and schools so you don’t have to. For those that enjoy writing, this is a shoe-in major. Anyone who says you can just "work hard" through engineering is either kidding, or doesn't realize the intelligence level of the average college student. Basically, just look at where engineering was 20 years ago, and look at where it is now. BestValueSchools.org is an advertising-supported site. They do a lot of both mechanical and electrical design. In fact, some studies have found that 50% of engineering majors change majors or drop out prior to graduation. And guess what? Need help finding the right college? Step 3: slowly become a mechanical design engineer. Get off of your ass and make something happen. That is a fine way to make reliable money. Because these degrees are so highly math based, it can be a difficult major for anyone who is not a math enthusiast. What about if you ever work in Europe? In fact the place I'm about to leave after over 2 years is just like this. I've been thinking about therapy for a while, actually. Start applying for a new job today. They just work hard because they have passion, which your current job and/or personal predisposition prevents you from having. I am 33 now and a electrical design engineer at a Fortune 500 company. Actuators is good for both automotive/aerospace and also robotics. The trouble with this major is the speculate part; with religion, there may not always be a definitive answer, which makes grading a bit difficult to do. Much like the Engineering degree, Physical Sciences such as chemistry, astronomy, physics, and math, also require lab work, on top of lectures and other school work. Logistics majors are paid the best, while management, network systems, and accounting are close behind. Aerospace/aeronautical engineering. You say your present employer is awful. The major has a better payout for those anticipating medical school; the average starting pay for someone with a Biological Science degree is somewhere around $32,000. You can get anything from a associate's degree in engineering physics to the highest engineering physics degree, a research/scholarship based doctorate. You're not the first one to struggle with finding the right career. Do it for fun, find someone who needs work done, and offer to do it for free (at first). every engineering discipline presents different sets of problems, challenges and risks but the goal always is to make life better for humanity. There is a lot of hand drawing required, critical thinking, hard deadlines, and the hardest part for many…”you can always do better.” Words that seem to be the motto of every architect in the business. Unfortunately the owner won't let us change anything unless there's a potential safety hazard (read: lawsuit). is an undergraduate academic degree (bachelor's degree) awarded for completing a program of study in the field of software development for computers in information technology. The difficulty of graduating varies a bit through the different engineering fields. Don't be like Cricket. If math and theory isn’t your strong suit and you prefer more hands-on learning, a MET degree programs is the way to go. "Software Engineering is the systematic development and application of techniques which lead to the creation of correct and reliable computer software." In my spare time I cook, read, play video games, brew beer, play with my dog, go out with friends, go camping, garden, and raise chickens. Universities of engineering typically offer the CEE (civil and environmental engineering) degree, and a B.S. or is it a shortage of employers with decent pay? Put together a website for yourself that showcases your work. Most engineering jobs are not awful, and you could probably find another one. That'll give you the confidence and energy you need to do the next steps. " Though personally I think it would be boring. I like this idea. You'll always be working on new projects, you'll be working with very smart and interesting people, and you'll have far more autonomy over your work. Most Creative Writing majors go on to marketing, or work to become a professional writer and author themselves. Manufacturing Engineer. It is also believed to be a difficult major because the majority of students move on to study at a medical school; many professors teach with this notion, and help prep students for the difficulties of the medical school road ahead. This major is a difficult one because success is weighed so heavily on testing. What type of 3D modelling are you wanting to do? Try to learn what they’re doing, what knowledge you might be lacking that would enable you to do that, and whether that’s something you want to do. Cookies help us deliver our Services. This company is so awful that people don't believe my stories, so I'll spare you. Mechanical Engineering Technology. These students are expected to learn a lot quickly. I would just keep applying to jobs that you want that are entry level so you can break into that particular field, what else have you got to do? - this sucks and I've been there. Undergraduates in all majors dedicate several years to their degrees, but some majors are harder than others, especially in online programs. Do you ever have to disclose that kind of stuff? I'm not sure what type of projects you are working on...but we often have to remind our new grads we aren't doing science projects. Economics majors require students with great math skills, and the ability to quickly and easily adapt to new things. The hardest part about an English Literature degree is the need to read, a lot. All the degree does is tell them that you may have those prerequisite skills. If you don't like your current job, then ... suck it up and quit whining, just like some other people that hate their job. An engineer's degree is an advanced academic degree in engineering which is conferred in Europe, some countries of Latin America, North Africa and a few institutions in the United States.The degree may require a graduate thesis or dissertation at the level of a research doctorate such as a PhD. Can you give me an example of what you call 1980s analog technology? There are weekly tests, lab tests, and of course the typical midterms and finals. Life is more complicated and nuanced. We can help you find the right school based on the program you select. Engineering is hard, conceptually and with regards to workload. It sucks but that's reality. https://www.collegechoice.net/rankings/best-online-engineering-degrees And then that will pass as well. I got an EE degree because science in general is pretty cool and people kept telling me engineering is the way to go if you don't want to live in poverty on government research grants. Universities hire tons of engineers to make lab equipment / research apparatuses. Above all else, stop telling yourself you can't do shit. Some people love it and want to go home and code more. If you're really passionate about it, then there's not even a loss of time since you'll be doing something you love. Skills required We asked other Civil Engineers if they could only have 5 skills, what would they be. If you want to do 3D modelling, then just START DOING IT. Whether you’re looking for the easiest bachelor degree, the easiest online degree, or the easiest degree to get overall, look through the list below to find what you need. The electrical engineering major is considered one of the most difficult majors in the field, and these are the common reasons students list to explain why it is hard: There is a lot of abstract thinking involved. Outside of that, there isn’t much to the major. Passion for anything, just like in relationships, is short-lived and NOT what you can rely upon. It is also a requirement to do homework for both the class, and the lab. Many Anthropology majors won’t get a career right out of college. Step 2: use the energy it took to pretend like you give a crap during the interview process (yes, you’ll be pretending, that’s ok as long as you’re not outright lying about qualifications and experience) to do well during the first part of your job, but stick your head in whenever anyone is talking mechanical design. Can't go into more detail unfortunately. Finally if you really do feel passionate about 3D modelling, practice. At a minimum, you've proven that you're smart enough (and have the discipline) to learn/understand complex mathematics and other complex subjects. If you want to have more interesting work, go get a job at a research university. How does that look in the engineering world? The last thing I want to do, on any given day, is sit down after work and look at code. We have helped thousands find the best schools that meet their needs to advance their careers. Also learn in your spare time, look at jobs you want and start learning all the things in the required skills that you don’t already know. Well, nothing good comes without some level of commitment and sweat. Anthropology studies are not about becoming corporate, or even focused on getting a job right out of college at all for that matter. Moreover, when you’re going for your bachelor’s degree, you spend your time reviewing what other people have discovered. Many people argue that although still considered extremely challenging Civil Engineering is the easiest engineering degree to obtain, but that’s only part of the story. Definitely a lot of advances. Most engineering courses also require students to take a lab; this means that students are not only spending time in lecture, but they must then take the extra time to sit in a lab. These programs are split into two groups: schools whose highest engineering degree offered is a doctorate and schools whose highest engineering degree offered is a bachelor's or master's. Determining which college majors are the easiest to complete, and which are the most difficult is certainly not an easy list to make, nor is it explicitly definitive. Many of the projects are fairly simple since the whole major is geared toward work with children. How Hard is Engineering School? It's bullshit and I know it and you know it too, even if you won't admit it. Anyone have any suggestions? You're in a great position - just because you don't like your current job doesn't mean you don't have anything going for you. Is engineering hard? The payout for Engineers however, is a pretty decent one; according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the average starting salary for engineers is $61,872. As others have said - learn from this experience and try something new. Getting an Architect degree requires a lot of ambition. Whether it's because of the lack of interest or lack of ability I can't say for sure. But it's still just a job. - clearly not true because someone hired you and continues to pay you. " I actually work with two other electrical engineers that did the same thing, and have been told by recruiters that EE’s are more desirable by employers in some cases, I don’t know if it’s because we’re more analytical or what. An engineering degree is as employable an undergraduate degree as you can get (maybe except for materials engineering). I have three kids, 5 and under, and taking care of them is my favorite thing to do. This academic field includes subjects like foreign languages, literature and writing. What Mechanical Engineering Degree Programs Teach. There are weekly tests, lab tests, and of course the typical midterms and finals. A Bachelor of Software Engineering (B.SE.) Studying Anthropology is all about the love and interest for the major; it is a major that allows people to learn about the world, and about themselves. This branch of engineering deals with the research, design, … For many professionals, the decision to pursue a master’s degree is appealing, but it may be hard to imagine taking enough time off to complete a degree. There is a lot of expectation that Biological Science students will keep up with materials outside of class. Most engineering curriculum start out with the same 2 years of math, physics and economics. It's your life, it's your choice, you have to live with your decisions! Lynda.com Pluralsight.com are highly recommended to start learning anything. There is definitely a lot to learn and speculate about religion, including the history and patterns of religion. I jumped into software development. Repeat until life is tolerable. OP also didn't write anything about working on public infrastructure projects, so i'm not really sure where you are pulling this info from to form your comment. As a slight alternative, you could split the difference and become like a mechatronics engineer. I'm a pretty awful engineer that no one wants." As diverse as engineering is, I would think you can find some sort of career that you like, but that's up to you. 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The issue is that I have little to no interest in anything around electrical engineering and didn't realize this until I had already graduated and got a job as one. How difficult is engineering? Communications majors are required to learn how to speak in front of people; be the group small or large. This is a question that always lingers in the brains of prospective Biomedical engineering students. It scares me to even suggest it because before I went to college I worked in a field where even seeing a psychiatrist was career suicide (legally mandated to declare that you were seeing one). Imagine what things are going to be like in another 20 years! Petroleum engineering. Loved computers as a kid, so I worked hard through my engineering degrees and got a good job. Engineering technologists focus on an applied learning style by solving technical problems, computer aided design, and creating molds that will be used for certain parts of a product. Send out job apps until you feel like you can't take it anymore, then keep going. It sounds like you don't have professional experience with 3D modelling so start looking for some and build a resume there. However, with a degree like Health Professions, there are opportunities to learn more, and earn more. You can find people if you pay them well enough. I could easily move over to doing the mechanical side if I wanted to. Well, that's my theory at least. Honestly I think you need to a reality check. How difficult are engineering degrees and is studying engineering right for you? First of all - reality check - you are nuts for saying that your engineering degree was a mistake. My coworkers arent very helpful. Any suggestions for what part of the world/what industry to look in? But basically every project we do has designers who do both 2D drawings and 3D models (which of course turn into 2D models). In general, master’s degree programs are more difficult than undergraduate programs as they build on previously learned concepts and skills. Almost all my 3d experience is with blender, so it has limited overlap with cad design. The majority of the time spent working on this major is done through writing, and learning about other writers. Our world, and the world of economics, is changing constantly, which means students must be able to do the same. Can you use software like Revit, Plant3D, MicroStation, SmartPlant? Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. No matter what degree you choose the 4 years it takes to get a Bachelor of Science in any engineering field takes discipline. Much of the students’ grades are dependent upon how well they do on said tests. You can't get the last 5 years of your life back, so you just have to move on. 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Eventually you'll find a new job and maybe I'll be a better fit. What is a Project Management Professional Certification (PMP). I'm a software engineer. The hard mathematical work is paid off in the end, with a starting salary of approximately $55,600. Among white and Asian-American students, who were freshmen in 2004, only 24.5% and 32% of them had received a degree in the sciences or engineering in … Many Communication majors go forward in marketing and business management. It will be hard and probably impossible unless you really want it. Don't wait - start looking for this kind of job ASAP. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. For example; learning Spanish…not very difficult, studying Russian…a little bit more difficult. In the end, employers are looking for personality, drive, initiative, and passion for what their company does. Jumping ship to another company is difficult since, if I'm being honest with myself, I'm a pretty awful engineer that no one wants. All engineers, no matter the specialty must learn the basics of all engineering fields. They went to school for it or busted their ass in their spare time for years doing small-time shit before getting good enough to do it professionally. Good luck, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. A degree course in chemical engineering will teach a student many transferable skills, which can be adopted to a wide variety of sectors. Put a portfolio together that shows a potential employer what you can do - then go get a job doing it. Staying away from most difficult engineering degree is just one part of the equation. So I got a two year degree and worked my way up over the years into an engineering job I really liked. Before you ask, the only thing I really do feel passionate about is 3d modelling, which is something I started for fun between graduating and starting this job, but that's not a sustainable income unless you're amazing, which I am not. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. No one who is "amazing" at 3D modelling sat down with CAD software one day and got a job at Pixar the next week. There is no static reality or goals or joy. There is a lot of testing done in this degree, and many of said tests overlap one another. And at that time no one NO ONE could have convinced me to believe the words you're reading right now. I am the only America in my group, one of the few who design. Admittedly, it's hard to say that for sure since the owner of the company I work for refuses to allow his engineers to do anything he doesn't understand (which restricts us to 1980s analogue technology), but I really don't care about doing the myriad Arduino and automation projects the other engineers talk about doing in their spare time. Well first off you genuinely may consider therapy. I'm in the US, but willing to go anywhere. Since the majority of what I and the other EEs do is repair products customers have sent in, I've become quite familiar with why you don't fuse neutral. Students defined this specialization as a quite hard to get, probably because … In here, students just have to read, practice one or more foreign languages and complete written assignments.Most courses ask for papers at the end of the semester. Engineering difficulty? As far as getting a job as an EE. Apply again tomorrow. So just know this - in a year or two you'll be the one in my place now, typing a message to some despair filled new-grad engineer about how life is long and everything changes with time. A general three or four year engineering degree usually includes covers an overview in the first year with the option to possibly specialise into a branch of engineering in the second year or third year. However, exams are not that complex, either – students are told exactly what they have to learn. I'm not really passionate about software engineering. If you can't find a job right now it is you. Those same people may also consider it to be one of the most difficult career choices however as the demands and levels of responsibility can far exceed other occupations. So happiness is simply about movement, change and transition from one reality to another. The average starting salary for someone in the Health Professions world can vary greatly; but it is somewhere around $25,000 a year. Do it for free in your spare time so you have something to point to on a resume. As an English Literature major there are not very many opportunities available career-wise; most students go on to be authors, or look into PR and marketing jobs. How hard is Biomedical Engineering? Come to Canada, specifically Winnipeg, Manitoba. For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/avqJX. Can you tell me what type of work you are doing? However, between then and now, it still only takes 4 years to get an engineering degree. We also have a list for the cheapest online colleges. I really feel like I've been tricked into engineering, so I'm here to warn some off that think majoring in engineering is a good idea. I know because your situation is not unique and every single thing you've typed is almost verbatim what I'd have said 2 years ago. When we talk Business degree we are more so focusing on the accounting and finance degrees within the Business college. Our list simply takes some of the degrees that, for years, have been considered, no matter the school or online university, to be some the easiest degrees to complete…and some of the trickier ones. Depending on the language studied however, the major can be considered easier or more difficult. The designs are bizarre, innefficient and confusing but functional and of course have no documentation other than what I and the other ees have written since starting here. Learning a language for most is a fairly easy task; it is all about the art of memorization, something the human brain does very well. The hardest degrees depend largely on individual students and their strengths, but generally, the hardest college majors require many prerequisite courses and extensive in-person requirements, like internships and labs. 2) become a better engineer so you can change jobs, 5) marry a rich person that allows you to follow your dreams, 6) inherit a mountain of money, so you can follow your dreams, 7) quit, live on the streets, and suck cock for food money. As far as getting a job as an EE. You should enjoy what you do - you spend like half your life at work and it should make you happy. A subreddit for discussion of all things electrical and computer engineering. You are - LITERALLY - better off than 99% of everyone else. I've met some very hard working, not so smart, Engineering students that simply couldn't hack it in 300 level courses. The average number of hours per week Engineering students spend preparing for class is 19; that is the highest average over any other college major. You don't believe me and that's fine. Mostly students read literature, discuss literature, and will occasionally be given the opportunity to write their own literature. How hard is engineering? That's what I do, but almost all on the electrical side. This company is so awful that people don't believe my stories, so I'll spare you. Your story sounds similar to mine, but I didn't have the confidence to dive right in after high school. If you can't find a job right now it is you. There is no "place" or "job" or "situation" that can ever give you sustained happiness. It's a journey where you have to constant discovered that nothing that made you happy in the past will always do so and so you must discover what new things will do that. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. 15 Best Online Colleges in Washington Best Colleges in USA: Guide for 2020 25 Best Online Homeland Security Programs Best Online Nursing Programs of 2020 Online Early Childhood Education Programs: The Best of 2020 Best Online Information Technology Degree Programs of 2020 Best Online Master’s in Psychology Programs of 2020 Top 25 Online Programs for Master in Accounting Degree. This degree is one for those that really enjoy physical sciences, math, and working hard, because the payout for such a degree is not as good as becoming an Engineer. If that’s not an inclination that this is an easy major, I’m not sure what is. The Health Professions degrees are very hands on; for many, understanding how the human body works, well enough to alter or fix it, is a very stressful notion. As far as not making money doing 3D modelling. Research has shown that students entering this major have the lowest SAT scores, yet they still come out of the major with the highest grades. This lab work often includes large paper write ups on the lab, and again, extra testing. Surely, if you have the ability to get an engineering degree, you can succeed in another field. You can't get the last 5 years of your life back, so you just have to move on. The latter is clearly ALWAYS going to be the best funded and that latter will ALWAYS have funding at the whim of generosity and good will. The other trouble with a religious studies degree is what to do with it post-graduation…hmmmm that is the question. I was working as an automated test engineer and I was in the same boat as you, it was terribly unfulfilling but I knew I had a passion for software so I jumped ship and finally broke into the field (after applying to hundreds of jobs and after one year). in environmental engineering (BS EnvE). There is a lot of study and classroom prep work in the major, about 16 hours a week’s worth. This company hasn't changed its products since the 80s, but it is my and the other EEs opinion that they were designed by someone that had some intuitive sense of how to build electronics but no formal education. Rickety Cricket chose number 7. Surely, if you have the ability to get an engineering degree, you can succeed in another field. Is that the problem? Life doesn't ever give us what we think we want. As diverse as engineering is, I would think you can find some sort of career that you like, but that's up to you. There is such a shortage of electrical Engineers at the moment, that many places are taking anyone with a heart beat and reasonable amount of chance at being qualified. That fact - alone - puts you far into the top 1% of workers out there (believe me, there are a LOT of stupid people in this world). Depending on skill set, interest, work ethic, school, and more, many of the majors on our list can swing on the side of more difficult, or easier. For those curious about religious endeavors throughout the world and time, this major may be very interesting. There are many different engineering physics degree levels. This lab work often includes large paper write ups on the lab, and again, extra testing. The only upside is the comradery of complaining about how awful the place is with the other engineers." The starting salary for someone with an economics major is a reasonable $43,000.

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