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Question: Can you end a sentence with “that is"? In my example "my answer" uses "my" with a noun and describes whose answer it is. thank you very much this website is very helpful. this works really well thank you,helps a lot i'll try to share with my friends about this website. The most important tip to quickly improve your writing is to follow one rule: Start every sentence in a paragraph with a different word. What makes using transitions improve your writing is that it forces you to explain the connections between your ideas. Ultimately, the taste of Indian food comes from the variety of ingredients and the creativity of cooks... 2. Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on April 09, 2020: Hi Jessie! I write a lot of essays in my studies and I want them to be good and of high quality. Answer: There are many good ways of starting a sentence. This will help me make my essays better! In a dialogue or quoting someone talking, I think it would be appropriate to use the sentences "I have a number of hobbies. Sometimes you might want to avoid using a “which” clause as an incomplete sentence. Hello Chris, we hope to see you at the game tonight. Can you quickly and easily improve your writing? Rewrite: Because I wanted to explain how sentence starters work, I used many "I sentences in this answer. Thanks again. ‘If’ can be substituted for ‘when’. 1. Answer: Avoiding "this" is an excellent way to improve your writing. And take it out when i can . I was racing against time to do my five paragraph essay as the teacher timed my class and I clicked on this and my mind was wide opened with the million ideas I could add. As long as your opening sentence (or opening question) invites the reader to start reading, it doesn’t become tiresome. 2. Sometimes sentence starters can be helpful in making your sentence more interesting. Thank you. ;-) 3. This is an example how I have it for now. Question: What are other ways to start an essay? What this handout is about There are many different ways to express “conditional” or “hypothetical” meaning in English. With a sentence starter, you might still use "this," but it won't stand out as repetitive. Question: What would be another way to say, "I believe that...? If at the beginning of the sentence doesn’t change that. Concluding? As a matter of fact, I usually introduce sentence starters to my class when we are doing a personal essay. Thanks, this was very helpful for one of my candidate paragraphs about why should I picked for this role, thanks! Prepositional phrases at the beginning of sentences are common and grammatically correct. very useful. Use: moreover, furthermore, additionally, not only...but also, or another addition transition. can you recommend an alternative for the words: Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on March 12, 2018: Hi Fuat, I now understand your question more clearly. Hopefully, that will help us have better writing. How should I finish the third paragraph of my article? You can listen to each sentence as you read it. In general, you really can't overuse the word "the." In that case, it is generally OK to start a sentence with "as," particularly in informal writing. I have many different articles on how to write different kinds of essays. For example, “If it rains, we’ll … Continued Some popular examples include... She Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers the Baker Betty Botter Bought some Butter, But she said "this Butter is Bitter, Bitter Butter is Bad for Batter." The word adds interest and drama. Get An Advanced English Vocabulary In 30 Days. First of all, they argued about whether they were out of blueberries, and secondly what they should buy for dinner. She promised to help me if I didn’t find the answer myself. Make your own if sentences You can have a pudding if you finish your main course. Finally, the ultimate significance of the roads was... Im in school, We are talking about the Inca Roads and I've already talked about Why the roads were important but I dont know how to sart of my sentence with " This is significant because". Choosing the Right Word to Start, End, and Transition Topics. This is why this type of sentence is sometimes called a zero conditional. I have complete instructions for organizing a variety of type of essays. This is an independent clause because it's a complete sentence containing a subject and a verb and fully expressing an idea. – Lambie Feb 24 '17 at 16:26. Thank you so much for creating this website! Additionally, the furnace will be equipped from day one to incorporate a retrofit of proven NO x reduction technology if required in the future. If you work hard, you will succeed. So, I would use a comma in both instances. The word adds interest and drama. Answer: Any words can be used to start an essay and there isn't really any particular words or phrase that works best. What if I’ve wasted my time on this article because my first line sucks? The crowd watched for hours until, finally, Lindbergh made it to Paris. If the subordinate clause is at the start of the sentence, we use a comma after the last word. This article help me for my research paper in college. ‘If you boil water to 100°C, it boils.’ ‘When you boil water to 100°C, it boils.’ What if I fail to engage readers? Answer: Any of the words in these lists would work. : This might not matter if the war were won easily, but what if the operation went wrong? Thanks a lot, I find it extremely important! Improving Your Essay: Choosing the Perfect Words. A final way to vary your word choice is to add some of these sentence starters. Some part of the school (our class, a hallway). Getting ready for school in on a Monday morning, John Jefferson hoped the school breakfast would be a good one since he hadn't eaten anything but crackers since the school lunch on Friday. I am going to start using this website to learn. In the first paragraph of an essay, you will generally give examples first and then put the thesis sentence at the end of the paragraph. Question: What are other words to use instead of using "I" all the time? You can also use these questions for help. I this example you could say, "This shows that I'm a thoughtful person, but not always very careful about the details.". I may be wrong, but what if …" Kris didn't hear Kiki's words. Do some spoken English practice with yourself. Remember to only use a comma if you start the sentence with ‘if’. It is evident that, if required, congregations can be organized for supererogatory prayers. Here is an example: There is the bus! You can use a variety of words to show reasons or examples for your position: How can I start an essay for examples of three things w/o being repetitive or using the word things. You can Google the type of essay you are writing with my name and this website and you can find a full set of instructions. In your example, the "my" is used with a phrase describing an action "hoarding of unnecessary things" which is the subject of the sentence. To fix that, you can switch sentences around to put the object first, add one of these transition sentence starters, or just reword the sentence. Does the sentence emphasize an idea? Here are some examples. So, I would use a comma in both instances. It is used to say how something seems from the information known.It is a more formal way of saying like, and is used in the same way as as though. 1. Why? Today, Bonnie Trenga helps us understand modifiers that come at the beginning of a sentence. Use the different types of transitions listed under those categories. Example: My hoarding of unnecessary things is getting out of hand. Answer: You can replace the "am" with a more active verb which describes what you are saying. Sometimes, instructors want you to keep the first person "I" out of the essay. There are four main types of if sentences in English, often called conditional sentences. If you are good, you can go to the shops. There are three types of conditional sentences. Tongue Twisters tend to often be Alliterations. Use: however, on the other hand, in contrast, yet, conversely, or another contrasting transition. x. Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on June 22, 2020: Hi Anggi--I have not published this in book form, but I've thought about doing that and publishing on Amazon. As professional writers have long known, conjunctions are a terrific way of starting a fair number of sentences. Answer: "The" is not an incorrect word to use to start a sentence but you never want to use the same word over and over because it makes your sentences sound repetative and not as professional. Question: Is there a better wording for "I am?". The type zero conditional sentences are used to talk about real and possible situations. This is commonly something we use in speech rather than writing and where it can trip us up. For example, a time that you spent a whole day getting ready for a friend's birthday only to find out that you'd gotten the wrong day. 1. Answer: Use the name of the person, their title, their relationship (boss, student, friend), or a description of them. Gerunds are often used at the beginning of a sentence, like “Fishing is my favorite sport” or “Seeing is believing.” Rewording sentences like that to avoid starting with an -ing word would result in pretty awkward flow. This is good. The name of the school with an adjective or possessive: our friendly school, this horrible school, this exciting school. Sentence Examples. Question: Can I start a sentence using the word "My"? This has been helpful through out all my essays and quite easy to understand, This is quite helpful and I really enjoyed this website and it was really easy to use. Have them read your paper, or just tell them your ideas and ask them what sorts of arguments they think people might have against what you are saying. Getting too repetitive in our use of language can be off-putting to our readers. Especially when my daughter is taking a nap, I enjoy a quiet cup of tea and a good novel. Generally, 'was' is used for a singular entity and 'were' is used for plural, when speaking in past tense. do you know how I would write a phone voicemail? Next, I have them scan the list of words and put one or more in front of the "I" sentences. These words would explain the "especially" when or what. You can also add an adverb (word ending in "ly" which describes the verb). Note: in American English, it is correct to use “if I were…” In British English, it’s more common to say “if I was…”, “If I had revised, I would have passed my exams.”, “If we had gone out earlier, we might have got to the cinema on time.”, “If you had told me there was a problem, I could have helped.”. Thank you. As an expert in communication technology, I am writing to ask you to consider me for a position in your company. Today, I plan to talk about two kinds of troublesome modifiers that begin a sentence. For example: Note that the both clauses are in t… Listening, Liz smiled and nodded. As always, judge for yourself who your audience is and how much wiggle room you have for breaking the rules. If - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary How? Go back and see what I did to "eliminate" the "I"! In these sentences (or first conditional sentences), there is a strong possibility that the first part (coming after if) is going to happen. 2. Joy's phone rang. Ideally, you should answer the objections and then conclude by telling the reader how you want them to think, believe, or respond to what you are saying. I can help you speak English more easily! Use them in your daily English conversations with others. Like many of you, Suzanne wants to know if it’s OK to start a sentence with an “as” phrase, as in the sentence “As citizens of China, we enjoy eating noodles.” Of course you can, but you have to pay attentio Scan the list for a transition that seems to fit best. How is a formula related to what-if analysis? Then I heard his voice, "Hello Chris, we hope...". I see sentences starting with -ing words all the time. Answer: Generally, if you are trying to write just the minimum, you would expect to write five sentences for each paragraph. Gasp! This is a great article. If you don't have anyone nearby that you can ask, send your paper to your parents, or a friend that you know would help you out. Very effective and helpful thank you so much. Here is how to make them... 0 Conditional – is used for scientific facts or general truths. Looking for synonyms and using transition words are also great ways to avoid using the same sentence … Thanks in advance. Does the sentence contrast or contradict? Thanks a lot, Virginia. That is an interesting question. 3. It can make the sentence that follows also seem like an afterthought. thanks so much you really helped me to complete my story for school hw! Let’s say you skip reading the first few sentences and start with the fourth? Don't want to tell you my name.... on May 06, 2018: Hi Can I say Until finally Lindbergh had made it to Paris? I have them notice how many times they start a sentence in the personal essay with "I" and then I have them circle all of those "I" sentences. But, how can I get this book? Question: What other words can I use besides "he" while writing an essay? Question: How do I start the second point of my body paragraph for my informative essay? Jerry L. Harrell Sr. on December 24, 2019: Thank you, I didn’t know of this website even was around for someone to use to learn how to write anything. Teenagers are annoyed that they can't get the attention of their parents, who are always working or shopping on their phones. In particular/especially, I like swimming". What if a cockroach comes and I begin to scream? e.g. So, without further ado, let me give you 35 useful English sentence starters. Active 1 year, 2 months ago. Obviously, parents complain about their teenagers spending too much time on their phones. Conditional sentences are sometimes confusing for learners of English as a second language. – Robbie Goodwin Sep 21 '17 at 23:59. add a comment | 1 Answer Active Oldest Votes. These sentences state that one condition always results in the same outcome. What if I can't even start the sentence with 'what if'? For over 20 years, I've taught these tips to students and seen their writing dramatically improve. Question: What other words can I use instead of "that" in essays? Luckily, it was their friend Mark inviting them over to his house for dinner. Conditional sentences are sometimes confusing for learners of English as a second language. Where is the if-clause (e.g. You can also refute any objections that you expect your reader might have. 1. They bickered for five minutes. We use it to emphasise the condition, or the restriction. Make it long You’ll also lose readers if your first sentence is long-winded and complex. Use: obviously, especially, as a rule, particularly, or another emphasizing transition. A great way to conclude is to tell the reader your recommendations. It was their friend Mark inviting them over to his house for dinner. What a very good and clear teacher. Looking for sentences with "so what"? Now move if to the beginning of the sentence and see what happens. Use one of the sentence starters on some sentences. Here are some samples: Especially in the summer, I like swimming. Another good way to motivate a reader of a letter is to present them with a startling statistic, dramatic story, or interesting fact. Many thanks for your useful observations Tony! Answer: Paragraphs (which should all start with a topic sentence) make up the essay structure. Nabokov's use of but at the beginning of the sentence lends a poetic quality. It has been very enriching. The subject in this sentence is bus. Answer: I don't think that phrase would make an effective ending of a sentence unless you were using it in a conversation. Repeat them. If you are telling a story, a few fragments might suit your purpose and style well, but if you are writing an essay or crafting a business document, it’s best to steer clear of them. Finally, in case the question is actually about the formatting of the paragraph, it is important to know that each paragraph in English is indented, and starts with a capital letter (as do all first words in an English sentence). As of today, this article has been viewed over 2,500,000 times! But sentences beginning with there is or there are follow a different order: the subject comes after the verb is or are. The next step is to answer that question, which makes your thesis answer (main thesis statement). 13, 2020 Don't undermine your message, or your relationships, with these instant conversation-killers. Hi Ali! This is very simple and straight forward. If you can't think of any objections, then ask other people for help. 5. An easy way to achieve this is to end the sentence before the “which” clause, add a period, and then start a new sentence with “That” or another word that refers back to the previous sentence. In these sentences (called “third conditional sentences”), the first part of the sentence with if didn’t happen. This is very useful and easy to understand …thanks a lot. Thank you so much this helped to my essays soo much ;), Thank you for the wonderful words and the way you fix it to make it understand. While it's not grammatically incorrect to start sentences with conjunctions, you should decide whether joining the two sentences is actually more effective. It ("the nub of the question") may be best answered by pointing out that beginning sentences with "it" when the reference is unclear harms clarity. Some conditional sentences refer to the general truths and others to hypothetical situations. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. For me, the word so at the beginning of a sentence is a conjunctive adverb like therefore. But I think "finished" is a verb in the first sentence and "finished" is an adjective in the second sentence. Question: What is the best way to start a story? So, I would use a comma in both instances. Dialing seemed to take forever. Using transition words helps you resist the habit of using a simple subject-verb sentence structure. Question: Which words can I use to start a paragraph? Use an introductory phrase instead. Finally, transitions make your writing sound more professional and less like spoken language. Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on March 11, 2018: To make this a good sentence you need something between "especially" and the subject "I." A fragment resembles a sentence in two ways. See Dummy pronoun – Colin Fine Jan 27 at 19:46. And writers do want to vary sentence structure. There are some grammatical considerations we have to keep in mind. Or fifth? In these sentences, the first part with if shows that the event is unlikely to happen. Then you could say what that reveals about you. A typical way of starting a sentence in English is with the subject. The first reason is... 2. Question: How do I write my essay introduction when comparing two texts? How can I teach intonation effectively? 3. Three reasons exist for this problem and they are easy to explain. Question: What is a good sentence starter for a third paragraph in an essay? Question: What would be another way to say "in the middle of the story...?". “If I got a pay rise, I would buy a new car.”, “If you left your job, you could travel around the world.”, “If you were nicer to him, he might lend you the money.”. Type 1 conditional sentences are used to talk about possible situations and their probable results. How to use if in a sentence. In the produce section, she ran into her roommate Joy. Question: Are there different types of essays? So don’t worry about starting sentences with and or but or any of the other coordinating conjunctions; just be sure that the tone is appropriate for the situation and that what follows the coordinating conjunction is an independent clause, capable of standing alone as a sentence—unless, of course, you are using a sentence fragment intentionally and for effect, as skilled writers sometimes do. So you can replace "it" by using the name of the object, a synonym, or a phrase that describes the object. Don't undermine your message, or your relationships, with these instant conversation-killers. Use a wide variety of words to show how ideas are chronologically related. They argued about whether they were out of blueberries and what they should buy for dinner. Was I too direct with him? Answer: Other words or phrases you could use are: Answer: Transitive verbs are verbs (action words) which need to have something after them( an object-a noun or pronoun) in order to form a complete sentence. Answer: There is not just one sentence starter that works for any particular position in a paper. However, your question is probably referring to the problem of your sentences sounding too simple and general. if example sentences. Starting with Conjunctions. Big mistake.” Here, “big mistake” is a sentence fragment, but it's OK because it allows you to emphasize your point. We use "the" when there is only one possible thing it could be talking about, and the audience knows exactly which one it would be. Sometimes, you can simply change the word order. Thanks for this amazing post on June 09, 2020: George Xu from Philippines on May 25, 2020: Great article to help me with writing essays! For example "the book" could be replaced by the title of the book, or a phrase like "what I'm reading," of "novel" or just "it.". So, would a sentence like "Especially I like swimming" be correct? Thank you so much it helped me pass my report! When you start a sentence with a prepositional phrase, it's usually a good idea to put a comma after it. The truth is, it’s okay to start a sentence with the words “and” or “but” – if you do it correctly. The thesis sentence is the main idea of the whole essay. Thank you in advance. Does this sentence add evidence? Use a Variety of Words and Constructions to Start Your Sentences Some writers start … Independent and Dependent Clauses. Are there any other articles that you would recommend for me? Joy laughed and told him, "We are on our way! Question: What words can I start an essay with? Answer: If you are writing in the first person, you can't avoid using "I" all the time. It’s always true that when you heat ice it melts. Or I don't know how to start and structure at all. Question: Instead of saying "I believe" at the start of a sentence what could I say? Contrasting? : ), Thanks a lot...these words really helped me...i'm a student, Thanks a lot for this I'm a student and after reading this I was mind open all I want to say that this is the best❤❤❤❤. Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on July 02, 2018: Hi Nicole--I have lots of instructions on how to write articles. Here are some examples: Especially in the summer, I love to take a walk in the woods. Your research might be complex, but you don’t need to cover all the nuances and exceptions in the first sentence. There are five types of conditional sentences. There are three types of conditional sentences. Gerunds are often used at the beginning of a sentence, like “Fishing is my favorite sport” or “Seeing is believing.” Rewording sentences like that to avoid starting with an -ing word would result in pretty awkward flow. Sentences that are missing something, such as a subject or a predicate, are called incomplete sentences or sentence fragments. How do I write an effective "hook?". So, without further ado, let me give you 35 useful English sentence starters. Declarative sentences relay information, plain and simple. You can also find step by step instructions on how to write these essays. Although your English teachers probably scolded you for leaving out vital parts of sentences when you were writing essays, you are allowed to use sentence fragments when you want to make a point. But in spoken English you might hear them! Especially nice is a hot summer day and a cool dip in our neighbor's pool. Exclamatory sentences don't really have a place in academic writing or reports. Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on March 10, 2018: Hello Fuat, these are words that are intended to help you start your sentences with something other than just the subject. OP makes it plain that valid sentences beginning with 'it' are the nub of the question. Can we start the paragraph with transition words? If you find it unwieldy to reorder your words, spell out the number: Seventy-six percent of the class barely passed the final, 18% flunked miserably, and 6% burst into tears. If I thought about all of the what-ifs in my life, I would go crazy. Question: How many sentences should there be in a five-paragraph essay? —- Isn’t it incorrect to use any type of double negative in (American) English? Question: What are other sentence starters for "This is because?". Clearly, the answer may be simple but requires some explanation. However, there are different kinds of sentences that you can write, and using a mix of those kinds of sentences is definitely a way to make your writing better (and they would provide different "ends"). Why does that help? Parents complain about their teenagers spending too much time on their phones. The use of "were- should- had” at the beginning of sentences instead of “if” Ask Question Asked 5 years, 8 months ago. Nabokov's use of but at the beginning of the sentence lends a poetic quality. "people like myself who are born in California, " or "in my opinion" to indicate yourself. Words Indicating Days: Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, Next Week, Sunday. Use any of these alternatives to add clarity and variety to your writing. Question: What is another way to say, "As you can see...?". It’s just a simple matter of enabling yourself to START a sentence, and once the words start flowing, there’s no stopping them! 3. Here are two things for you: 10 Essential Fluency Phrases – Get the phrases for easy conversations NEW: Get An Advanced English Vocabulary In 30 Days – Go from Intermediate to Advanced level in only 20 minutes a day. Thank you! Question: What's a good way to start a paragraph when you are comparing two characters? I have worked for over 20 years at a large private University in the United States. Answer: Here are some other ways to talk about the middle of a story: After establishing the beginning situation, Halfway through, the story continues with. Thank you for helping me get a 30/30 on my writting. Answer: Here are the best sentence starters for children who are just learning to write: Sequence Words: First, Second, Third, Next, After, Afterwards, Before, During, Words that Show Time: At noon, In the morning, At bedtime, Later, Soon, Words that Show Place: Around, Behind, Above, In front of, Under, Near, Over, Outside. Here are some suggestions: Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on September 02, 2020: Hi Elisa, I have not written a phone voicemail in a narrative, but my instinct is to not write it inside the narrative to make it smoother. A way to get around that problem is to bring up those objections and then answer them. Answer: If an essay uses sources, it should include a bibliography which lists the works cited in the essay. its very important to implement our knowledge, thank you, + Special bonus: 3 months vocabulary upgrades + free workshop, All material on this site is copyright © 2020. So, I would use a comma in both instances. And writers do want to vary sentence structure. Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on March 15, 2020: Hi Landyn, good for you for realizing that a business letter needs to be in a more professional tone and that "I" and "the" are very repetitive and make your sentences seem rather less professional. What really works better is just to state the question and then give an answer without talking to the audience directly. Katie sipped on her cappuccino. : Too much of this ballast, and the ship will wallow in the river, endangering the crew and more importantly the cargo if the ship were to capsize. How to Improve the Vocabulary of Your Essay. The word adds interest and drama. But if you try to be too clever or repeat a similar phrase too often, then it might become tiresome to loyal readers. Go through your first draft and circle the first word in every sentence. That will make a thesis or main idea for your essay. Sentence starters are excellent words to use as the first word in a paragraph because they will help you link the ideas of each paragraph together. Answer: Generally, you will use an additive or sequence transition word when doing your body paragraphs unless the information is contrary to what you've said before. Instead he mulled over the notion that Death had sought out Rhyn. at the beginning or at the end of the conditional sentence)? Question: What are other ways to start a sentence instead of "I will explain"? Looking for sentences with "if required"? Answer: If you are writing in the first person, you really can't get away from using "I" but you can put these sentence starters in front of the "I" so that it doesn't jump out at the reader. As long as you use "my" as the possessive of something it works. Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on August 07, 2020: Hi Weird Girl! Only after it stopped raining could they drive home. 1. Example: Also, the dog wanted food. These sentences are in two halves, with the if part in one half and the other part where you can use modal verbs such as can, will, may, might, could and would. For example, if the essay is about reasons that Indian food is so tasty, these possible first sentences of the body could be done: 1. Answer: "That" is a pronoun used to identify a specific thing or person, so, alternatively, you can: 2. use a description of the thing or person, 4. use an alternative name for that thing or person. What if I can't complete the sentence? What if I fall asleep suddenly while writing the sentence? Cell phones have changed our family communication for the worse. Even I was having a hard time believing it so what hope did that hold for anyone else? Question: What are other words can I use instead of "I" when writing an essay? The 1959 edition of Strunk and White’s The Elements of St… Using the "Easy Words to use as Sentence Starters" lists before the "I" can help you to make the sentences seem more varied. Sharon Lopez from Philippines on October 14, 2019: This is such a helpful piece and I am lucky that I came across your article. tapes you watched … Conditional sentences are constructed using two clauses—the if (or unless) clause and the main clause. …Or… If you did not use double negatives, the sentences in the last paragraph would have been correct. Question: What are other words can I use instead of "My" when writing an essay? 3. Question: What word can I use instead of nowadays to start an essay? Are you adding information? Thanks so much i am doing a letter with paragraphs for my first english exam and this really helped and i am Asian so i struggle a lot,Please post more of theses stuff thanks. Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on June 20, 2020: Glad you find this helpful Kenneth. Thank you! How does this sentence relate to that one? If you did not use double negatives, the sentences in the last example would have been correct. Finally, Joy's phone rang. So not sure on how to even start nor word it? Some purists would argue that one should never start a sentence with a conjunction in formal writing, but the tide is beginning to turn on that former truism. 1. Virginia has been a university English instructor for over 20 years. Ask Question Asked 3 years, 2 months ago. If i didn’t read this I wouldn’t learn it! – Jåcob May 29 '17 at 13:05. Answer: Good ways to start an essay are to use: a real-life story from the news or history, a story from your own life or someone you know (a personal story), an example of a typical situation which illustrates the problem or situation you are talking about, a conversation between two people about the issue (real or made up), facts that everyone knows about the situation. 1. After all, there is a time and place for everything, right? It was as if they just wanted to mark time until the final whistle and take the win. Question: Does an essay have to have a bibliography? Question: If I had to self-evaluate myself in a speech, How would I start? Firstly, has it ever been wrong to begin a sentence with and or but? How to tackle repetitive sentences. Question: What are some words to use besides "the"? I wanted to see her but I didn’t know if she was in town. She specializes in helping people write essays faster and easier. For example, “If I was President of the United States, I would change some laws.” But I know that I’ll never be the President of the USA – I’m just saying what I would do if I was in his/her position. I´m writing an essay, and we are trying not to be repetitive. 3. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. ", "Without a doubt, I accept the concept that...". There are several ways of wording a sentence differently. When you write, your reader has those thoughts in their head, and those alternative points of view can make them disagree with you and feel that your paper doesn't really seem very convincing. Answer: Using one of these sentence starters is a good way to write a more interesting sentence for your "hook." Especially when writing fiction, the latter sentence structure is very commonly used as it makes the second option more dramatic. So what if my pants are bagging at the ankles and I have to keep pulling them up every 5 seconds. Listening, Liz smiled and nodded. Here are some examples: Jacob turned on (the stove, the oven etc. Sadly the Language Arts teachers my children had from 6-10th grade were abysmal. Especially, I like swimming." Answer: My answer has to be yes! Liz went to the store to get some groceries. When I use had in the beginning of a sentence, can I use was/were as well? And yet in your samples "especially" refers to "in the summer" and "when it is a warm day" respectively, whereas in my example it referred to "swimming". I'd like to clarify something: the title of this material is "sentence starters". Ask yourself: Does this sentence add information? Remember to eat a balanced diet if you want to be healthy. Type 1 conditional. With the added information you give here, I would have to say that "especially" is not a good substitute for "in particular." What if I’m boring them? Especially when it is a very warm day, I like swimming. Joy insisted that she was better at choosing ripe avocados. You can start with a description or short story from each of the two which shows that comparison. Answer: There are many different types of essays that I have written articles about, including: You can find many sample topics on these types of essays on my web pages. Question: What other words can I use instead of "I"? Starting Sentences with Conjunctions Conjunctions are words like "and," "but," and "yet" that link words, phrases, and clauses together. Liz retorted that Joy didn't know how to make guacamole correctly and that she was tired of Mexican food every night. If you are interested in learning whether or not this is a sensible rule, well, it is not. Absolutely great for essay writing thanks! Answer: What you are describing is a "cause" transition. 1. A famous concept is often phrased as "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." On consideration, I change this one to "playing what-if games," which does have an outcome: le Answer: Yes, I am a real English instructor. When starting a sentence with one of these only adverbials, you always need to put the auxiliary verb before the subject, though. That thesis question should come at the end of the introduction and the answer should come after that. Viewed 14k times 0. From there, you can decide on your introduction, body, and conclusion. But if she moved, the car might start rocking again. If you find it unwieldy to reorder your words, spell out the number: Seventy-six percent of the class barely passed the final, 18% flunked miserably, and 6% burst into tears. Thanks for your articles. For example, if the object is a book, you could use any of the following: Question: Can I have some helpful sentence starters for children in grades K-3? Or, the dress with flowers. Thank you for this, I used this for my essay and I got an A. A couple of observations from another teacher: 1) It is also more correct, technically speaking, to use “if I were” in British English although “if I was” is very commonplace; 2) A variation on the 2nd conditional is the “unreal” variety where the original hypothesis is something that could never happen: “If I were German, I would understand this letter.” I’m not German and will never be German. Everything on VirginiaLynne has been written by me, and most of the writing articles are developed from the instructional materials I've written for my own classes. I will use this website for years to come! In this type of conditional sentence, you could use when instead of if. Word or phrase that shows relationship between ideas. —Are my examples correct in the form? To choose the right one, you need to decide what connection that body paragraph has to the paragraphs before. Answer: You can add manyof the other sentence starters in front of "I believe" to make a change. This "same letter pattern" that you are talking about is known as Alliteration. Answer: Your introduction should explain the main point of your essay and what you think is the main differences and/or similarities in the two texts. In all of the following sentences and examples, as if can be replaced with as though and like (in informal conversation). Although it is also phrased beginning with "That which..." or "Whatever..." instead, the idea is the same. For example, if your subject is "the school" you could also say: 3. Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on March 28, 2019: Hi Ariana, I’m glad to hear my article helped. It also helps to start with an example or a story which will get your reader involved in your paper. Questions can be a good starting sentence, or a vivid description or startling fact. So, again, can it be used in place of "in particular" - as in "I have a number of hobbies. Elisa Fisher from Texas on September 01, 2020: I'm writing my first book. "The pen" is not the same as "my pen" or "his pen," and you would want to use the "my" if it is important to note that the pen belongs to you. You may not believe it, but the truth is that... On the one hand we all know...., but, on the other hand, none of us does anything about it. You can certainly use any of these sentence starters to help you out. The short answer is yes; there is nothing grammatically wrong with starting a sentence with a conjunction like but, and, or or. Question: What is a good way to start a sentence? I envy you. Watch out: Which type of conditional sentences is it? Answer: "I will explain" is the way that a person might speak when talking to someone but it is never appropriate in an essay because "I will explain" is really the answer to a question someone asks you and in an essay, you are the only one talking. There are four main types of if sentences in English, often called conditional sentences..

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