unusual borders between countries

Tho lotus bridge has thus been built on the northernmost point of Macao where it shares the border with mainland China to felicitate the traffic rules. Also known as the Northwest Angle, this exclave of the United States, considered part of Minnesota, can only be reached from Minnesota by traveling over the Lake of Woods or by traveling through Manitoba or Ontario. Belgium and Netherlands. Mt. Baarle-Nassau is a Municipality in the Netherlands. And why not? This is one of the most discussed “Unusual Border “ that you might come across. But at the same time, social media made it …, It is always surprising and mind-blowing to know amazing space facts. The peaks of the Canaima National Park are majorly in tabletop form and are considered to be a part of some of the oldest geological formations on Earth. There are borders that blaze through trees, float on water and even cause roadway mix-ups in their effort to … Mt. Baarle-Nassau is riddled with border crossings and shares a border with the... Khunjerab Pass: Pakistan/China. Brazil is on the left side while Bolivia on the right. The border, referred to as the “Derby Line” passes through many buildings and homes. The space between the two Diomedes doubles as an unusual international border and the International Date Line. But borders can also be green, beautiful, informative and friendly – unusual, to say the least. Between India and Bangladesh, there is a territory named Cooch-Behar district which is a very confusing case of national borders. You must be wondering what a mountain peak is doing in a list of borders. Eight of the most contentious borders … As a …, A meal is never complete without indulging your sweet tooth. In China, people drive in the right-hand-side and Macao follows left-hand-side traffic due to the British influence. Another one like Brazil and Bolivia. It is located on the northern cost of Africa surrounded by Morocco and because of the Strait of Gibraltar is separated from the Iberian Peninsular. Tumen flows through Northeast Asia and if you trace its banks, you might be able to visit three countries by walking just a mile. Seven countries claim pie-shaped wedges of Antarctica. Well there is a barbed wire here, but if it doesn’t show, the different approaches to combat rodents make it pretty clear. Start zip-lining from Spain, go across the river and land in Portugal. M.A., Geography, California State University - Northridge, B.A., Geography, University of California - Davis. ", 3. The small Spanish town of Ceuta is an exclave. While no nation can modify its territorial claim nor can any nation act upon such a claim, these straight boundaries that typically lead from 60 degrees south to the South Pole divide up the continent, overlapping in some instances but also leaving significant segments of the continent unclaimed (and unclaimable, according to the principles of the Antarctic Treaty of 1959). 13. It shares an unusual border with the Belgian municipality of Baarle-Hertog. The Kashmir region where India, Pakistan, and China meet in the Karakoram Range is incredibly complex. Borders divide countries, or so we like to believe. That border was established in the aftermath of World War II.Until then the identical border was between Poland and Lithuanian SSR of the Soviet Union. 12. What we have here is a unique triple border between Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil, separated by the Parana and Iguazu Rivers. Three tiny exclaves also exist—two additional Azerbaijan exclaves in northeastern Armenia and one Armenian exclave in northwestern Azerbaijan. Norway and Sweden The strip of land between two forests one of which belongs to Norway and another to Sweden serves as a border between the two countries. Less than twenty miles (30 kilometers) separate Bangladesh from Nepal, "squeezing" India so that far eastern India is almost an exclave. Haiti practices deforestation whereas its neighbor likes to have thick forest. Another notable border is between Sweden and Finland. In 1825, Bolivia gained independence and its territory included the Atacama and thus access to the Pacific Ocean. Boundaries, Official Listing of Countries by World Region. Azerbaijan-Armenia. They built a lighthouse on an Island called Market which is part of Sweden resulting in a queer S-shaped border. Tattoos are fun, and cool, and give …, Top 10 Human Rights Organisations Across the Globe, Top 10 Most Futuristic Buildings In The World. These two fish across the border between Poland and Ukraine were created by the designer Yaroslav Koziaroy and are meant to symbolize unity and trade between the two nations. Take borders of countries in the European Union for example, the are simply marked by a line or a road sign. And they've done this by carving a 20-foot wide space along the border. Tragedy is, both the countries refuse to count Bir Tawill as their territory which makes it an unclaimed piece of land. These date back to almost two billion years. With the exception of the rare New England town that predates national borders or the odd airport that needed extending, this space is the no-touching-zone between the countries and they're super serious about keeping it clear. Jungholz, Austria/Germany. These disputed borders lead to two “contested” areas of land: Bir Tawil, and Hala’ib Triangle. These photos of different country borders around the world show you how both friendly and hostile nations like to fence off their turf. The border between Bangladesh and India in the Cooch-Behar district has a … The largest exclave is Azerbaijan's Naxcivan exclave, a not insignificant piece of territory located within Armenia. Earlier we mentioned walking for a mile and being able to cross three countries, now if national border security is not enough, there is another adventure sport available to get you the adrenalin rush. From mountains to cafes, the world is full of strange and beautiful ways to cross into other countries Baarle-Nassau: The Netherlands/Belgium. The way they show in the movies. The Haskell Free Library and Opera House were intentionally builton this border in such a manner that the entrance and seats are in the USA and the stage of the opera house is in Canada. © Copyright 2017 List Surge. Sounds like fun? Northeastern Namibia has a panhandle that extends far east several hundred miles and separating Botswana from Zambia. Interestingly, this makes Bir Tawil the only unclaimed landmass i… Southeastern Alaska contains a peninsula of rocky and icy islands, known as the Alexander Archipelago, that cuts Canada's Yukon Territory as well as northern British Columbia off from the Pacific Ocean. As it is visible from the picture, the border is actually a river, no, two rivers, Iguazu and Parana which converge at this point between the three countries . It is known as the “Northwest Angle,”and can be accessed only after crossing through Canada. Intended to be a part of one big happy family by Mother Nature? Yes, you read it right; this tallest peak in the world is also a natural border between 2 countries namely China and Nepal making it one of the most natural unusual borders of all time. The border passes right through the mountain ranges which also makes it the highest national border in the world for any 2 countries. Note the implications of these border lines and where each of these land areas is: both countries claim they own Hala’ib, and neither country says it owns Bir Tawil. The Caprivi Strip provides Namibia access to the Zambezi River near the Victoria Falls. The strip of land between two forests one of which belongs to Norway and another to Sweden serves as a border between the two countries. In "The Atlas of Unusual Borders," map enthusiast Zoran Nikolic zooms in on some of the world's most egregious examples of border weirdness. Some people across borders simply like to settle things over a round-table conference at the border. To shatter all stereotypes, we bring you a list of the most amazing borders between countries across the world. Torkhan Gate marks the divide between the two countries. However, the Red Army blew it away in 1945. Unusual borders between countries. The library is divided by a diagonal line across the floor and separates the floor of … The border is unusual in other ways as well. Yes, friendship does not see where you come from , these people living across the common border of USA and Mexico show that clearly. What makes it an unusual border is its history. One of the most unusual case of international border is the Haskell Library which lies right on the international border between Rock Island, in Quebec Canada and Derby Line, Vermont in the USA. A perfect dessert makes a perfect meal. Some borders are simply metaphorical lines on a map. Top 10 Most Unusual Borders in the World. 7 Places Around the World Where Borders Get Weird 1. The part of town in Belgium is known as Baarle Hertog and the part in Netherlands is known as Baarle-Nassau. Check them out. Of course, prior to 1947, Bangladesh was part of British India and thus this border situation did not exist until the independence of India and Pakistan (Bangladesh was initially part of independent Pakistan). The original border created in 1899 was changed to a new one by the British in 1902. 10 most unusual state borders between the countries of the world The state border – that is what is sacred is guarded by border guards and guarded day and night patrol went about our own territory, separated from all its neighbors sometimes ditches, sometimes forests, fields or sometimes steppes, among which the barbed wire. In the image, residents of Naco, Arizona and Naco, Mexico play volleyball across the border fence. The boundary with Saudi Arabia, defined in the 1970s, has not been publicly announced, so cartographers and officials draw the line at their best estimate. 1. Matt Rosenberg is an award-winning geographer and the author of "The Handy Geography Answer Book" and "The Geography Bee Complete Preparation Handbook. Privacy is one of the most important things for us humans. Egypt and Sudan have a particularly interesting border rivalry. Yes that’s right, a part of Spain is located away from Spain because of which Morocco claims it and this has forced the Spanish to border it with three meter high fence. I didn’t see these two (edit: three) mentioned in the thread so far, so present: Austrian Exclave of Jungholz This inverted triangle of land south of Kempten in Bavaria is surrounded by Germany, and the is accessible by road only from Germany. In 1899, they drew a map which stated that all the area north of the 22nd parallel would belong to Egypt and the area south of it would belong to Sudan. Spain and Portugal … Due to this, the border is visible from a bird’s-eye-view. In far southeastern Manitoba, Canada, lies an inlet of the Lake of the Woods that is part of the United States. All Rights Reserved. Check out this very unusual borders between countries. Well, at this tri-point between Slovakia, Austria and Hungary, that could actually be done! Be it Lady Gaga's whacky outfits or Katy …, Getting inked seems to be the newest fad among millennials. The 10 Most Unusual International Borders 1. Due to this, it is the highest border in the world. Hence on one side China traffic drives and on another Macao traffic drives. Desserts could be …, We are living in the times where experimentation is the new normal. Here, 102 mini Indian exclaves are on the Bangladeshi side of the border whereas 71 Bangladeshi exclaves are on the Indian side of the border and to make it even more confusing, some of these exclaves have further smaller exclaves inside them which belong to the other country. In far southeastern Manitoba, Canada, lies an inlet of the Lake of the Woods that is part of the United... 2. Easily one of the coolest borders you'll ever (barely) notice separates these two European countries. This created two different regions namely Bir Tawil and Halaib. Differentiated by man-made markings of flags, check-posts and guards, the exit and entry points become vividly illustrative. Roraimare is located at a point where the borders of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana meet. Everest is located between Nepal and China in such a literal manner that the common border of the two countries goes right through it. While talking about national borders visible from space, one ought to include the border shared by North Korea and South Korea. Angle Inlet. The current Lithuania–Poland border has existed since the re-establishment of the independence of Lithuania on March 11, 1990. According to the Treaty of Paris laid out in 1787, the British territories were to be given to the freshly independent America. On the southern side of Lake Khasan near the coast on the border of Russia and North Korea, if you start walking from N. Korea towards north, for a mile, you would cross a part of China and end up in Russia. Haiti and The Dominican Republic There is a saying that reads, “Grass is always greener on the other side.” Well, if you are from Haiti, this is quite literally true. It can be seen in the picture how N. Korea is darker than even the sea it has on both the sides. Nonetheless, these boundaries lie within a fairly inhospitable desert, so boundary demarcation is not an urgent issue at this time. The border between the Netherlands and Belgium in Baarle-Nassau (Netherlands)/Baarle-Hertog (Belgium) is a patchwork of enclaves and seemingly senseless boundaries that manifest as a patchwork in the area: The boundary crosses streets, cafes, sidewalks, etc. Which Asian Nations Were Never Colonized by Europe? Here is a look at 11 unique borders between countries around the world. Each disputes what the Egypt-Sudan border is, with Sudan thinking it is the green line below, and Egypt thinking it is the red line below. Bir Tawil is plot of land located between Egypt and Sudan approximately 795 square miles in size. The area past the Tennessee River, purchased from the Chicksaw tribe at a later date, stretches to the Mississippi border and sets the border back at the original line, 36°30’ N. West of the Mississippi, it’s Missouri. This unusual border can be found in … 10. The world's top 10 strangest borders from a quirky lake in Europe to the North Korea/South Korea divide 1. Finland was part of the Russian Empire during that time. This is one of the most discussed “Unusual Border “ that you might come across. While Germany decided to have trees, Czech Republic just let it be. However, in its war with Peru against Chile in War of the Pacific (1879-83), Bolivia lost its ocean access and became a landlocked country. But other borders provide stark, physical contrasts between one country or region and another. Baarle-Hertog/Baarle-Nassau. Silver Spring in Maryland marks the northernmost point of the district. The river-shaped country was started when British merchants obtained the trading rights along the river. The picture of this valley is rather sad. This map illuminates some of the confusion. Russia, North Korea and China (Tumen River) The Tumen River is situated in the Northeastern Asia. Originally, the district of Columbia was cut out in a large diamond shape out of Virginia and Maryland, but later on, the part that belonged to Virginia was returned to it. Someone who does not travel much is only going to know his nation’s border as a long line of barbed wire stretching away for hundreds of miles with an occasional gate through which people might go to the other side. All five and a half thousand miles of it. There are a few odd borders between some countries, and they are strangely unusual. But the ‘eyebrow raising’factor here is that the International Date line runs from between these tow islands which enables someone living on the Small Diomede to actually “Look in the Future”because its just a few miles away! This detailed map shows the boundaries of the competing claims. The way Baarle is divided between Netherlands and Belgium, Derby is divided between USA and Canada. The different forest maintenance policies of the two countries make their common border a view to behold from high up in the sky. Here are 25 such weird and unusual borders from around the world: Ever heard of having breakfast in one country, lunch in another and dinner in yet another country? A border is defined as a line or boundary separating two political or geographical regions such as countries and states. There are surprisingly few land borders on Earth where right-hand-drive countries meet left-hand-drive ones. Between the Azerbaijan and Armenia border, there are a combined total of four exclaves or islands... 3. Borders will often say much about countries' relationships. It is also truly amazing where one can find border crossings, so follow us on a tour of astounding checkpoints around the mountains, deserts, seas and cities of the world. Top 10 Negative Side-effects of Permanent Tattoos. The border of Netherlands and Belgium goes right across the town of Barla dividing it into two. On the border of Belgium and the Netherlands lie two towns that are — quite literally —... 2. This place is close to the Iguazu falls in Argentina and Brazil. Wonder how they manage without lights out there. A different border existed between the Second Polish Republic and Lithuania in the period of 1918–1939. The Caprivi Strip is named for German Chancellor Leo von Caprivi, who made the panhandle part of German South-West Africa to provide Germany access to Africa's eastern coast. The boundary between the United Arab Emirates and its two neighboring countries, Oman and Saudi Arabia is not clear. The smaller island belongs to USA while the bigger one belongs to Russia. On the other hand are countries with tense relationships, above is the Himalayan border between India and Pakistan, adorned with check posts and guards at various places. Well, not really because this place is under watch by armies of three countries and they might just not entertain our fancy. This territory is Alaskan, and thus part of the United States. Here are … Borders are what convey how the relationship between two countries are. Belgium and Netherlands have one of the most complicated borders in the world. This location is known as the “Triple Frontier”. Thomas Walker, surveyor, set the uneven border between the western edge of Virginia to the Tennessee River as it exists today. Built on the river Odra, this bridge was once a means to travel from Poland to Germany. The single-lane bridge over the Sixaola River, a natural border between the two Central American countries, is used by cars, trucks, and pedestrians. If you’re walking on the sidewalk on the northern side of the street, you’re in Maryland; the street itself is in the District, and the curb is the state line. Baarle-Hertog consists of 26 separate pieces of land surrounded by Baarle-Nassau, but some portions of Baarle-Hertog also contain areas belonging to Baarle-Nassau. There are two ways of moving from the Lech valley to the Jungholz valley in the Austrian... 2. Hotel Arbez, … It has uncountable stars, galaxies and universes. This sent the infertile land of Bir Tawil to Sudan and the fertile one of Halabi to Egypt. From large lakes to a shared collection of islands, national borders are more than just lines on a map. The Gambia lies entirely within Senegal. The border of Germany used to run along this river. Portugal is supposedly famous for having really bad roads, the picture on the left says its true! Eastern Avenue and Western Avenue form the Northeast and Northwest borders, respectively. Stranger than fiction: Unusual borders between countries A line separating two nations, a step forward and you are in a different country. But they were possibly using a wrong map while deciding this for the Angle Township. The picture on left, on the other hand, is the border passing through a bridge. The border with Oman is not defined. United Arab Emirates-Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates-Oman, Geography Timeline: 13 Key Moments That Changed U.S. Some borders, like that between the United States and Canada, are peaceful ones. 10 Awesome Space Facts That Would Blow Your Mind! A total of 100 stones were placed and most of them are still in place. Between the Azerbaijan and Armenia border, there are a combined total of four exclaves or islands of territory that lie in the opposite country. United States – Canada. Every country (except for some island nations) borders another country, but that doesn’t mean every border is the same. The border divides many houses and cafes. Egypt and Israel Cooch-Behar District. Afghanistan – Pakistan. © Facebook. A pair of islands called the Diomedes are located in the Bering Strait between USA and Russia. Others are places of conflict caused by rivalries between countries or peoples, disputes over national resources, or disagreements about the past. Here’s what. This is a 123 square mile piece of land which actually belongs to Minnesota but is stuck in the middle of Canadian territory. Egypt and Sudan Border (Halaib and Bir Tawil) Earlier, border was created between Sudan and Egypt in 1899 but the United Kingdom drew a different ... 9. The last one is LMAO India and Pakistan Estonia and Russia Norway, Sweden and Finland Norway and Sweden Canada and United States Germany, Czech Republic and Poland Spain and Portugal Mexico and United States Slovakia, Austria and Hungary Netherlands and Belgium The border […] The green mass which looks like moss is actually a forest. From those rights, The Gambia eventually became a colony and then an independent country. Also Known as Three-Country Cairn has a stone monument built in 1897 by Russians. With all pun intended, Australia has water on all sides and does not share common borders with any country. A big mistake was done by the British when they were ruling over Egypt and Sudan. The Small Diomede has a population of 146 while the other one is uninhibited and these two are only 2.5 miles apart. Imagine how it would be like to live in two countries at the same time! The picture on left, on the other hand, is the border passing through a bridge. But what if these are just two sides of the same coin? However, when the border was first formed, large stones were placed at each mile around the district. But luckily, even though we humans have divided the earth claiming its parts, which was never ours to divide in the first place, nature follows its own course and in a few cases here, it also defies our selfish motives in the form of mistakes made by us, humans. But in 1902, another map was drawn according to which the two plots of land exchanged their countries.

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