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When people say a website or app needs to be “fast, easy, and intuitive,” my first reaction is usually something like, “And tell me how, exactly, you’ll do that.”. ... For example, Craig’s List was a primary means for users to sublet before Airbnb, but it was a generally creepy endeavor. Big Performance Boosts – What’s New in UXPin? Do not just hand it off for review. Effective UX strategy aligns upwards. It slows you down, makes the words matter more (because you don’t want the effort of writing them to be wasted), and makes the things you write more memorable for you. The objective of an enterprise UX strategy is to provide a roadmap for creating digital outputs that are more user friendly. UX strategy is how we improve the design of all the products and services. Write design principles that are specific to your product. Plus, we're unafraid to get to the root of the UX, and will ask plenty of questions to allow us to design blueprints, workflows and user personas that fit your app's UX needs. Editor’s note: If you enjoyed this post, check out the free guide The Elements of Successful UX Design. UX Strategy is about defining what kind of experience you want. They’ll start coming to you with answers instead of questions. User experience designers make this experience seamless by considering the user interfaces (UIs), the context of use, and what makes the company successful. Let’s talk a little more about each one. A UX document should be appropriate to its purpose, to the situation and to its audience. UX strategy is a theme that requires study, patience, and dedication. It involves several areas of design and a close relationship with other areas of the company—especially product management and marketing. Making Content Strategy and UX Work Together. If you’re building something brand new and there is no user base just yet, your options will be far more limited. UX strategy is the process that should be started first, before the design or development of a digital product begins. Now available in an eBook. Though user experience and content strategy seem to have similar goals there is too much conflict when it comes to the actual execution. You can’t design how a person reacts to a product, what baggage they bring along with them on a given day, their biases, but you can plan for what you’d like to have happen. That lack of knowledge makes it really, really tough to solve problems. I would definitely encourage anyone involved in a UX role on any level to take her courses. A library staff, for example, can be composed of very different kinds of people at different levels of tech comfort, all of whom need to use the same information systems. The Lean Survey Canvas is an excellent tool to prepare your surveys. There are often battles between UX and content management teams, … Most information can be obtained with the product manager—or even the owner of the company, if it’s small. When all questions in step 12 are YES, we can start prototyping. Here are some of the most effective tools for defining a contextually appropriate, business-facing UX strategy. In this article, we outline some best practices and 10 exceptional examples. What makes a winning UX portfolio? Test the UX. A common mistake when a product already exists is to describe the challenges the solution is suffering. Creative Commons. Steps 9-11 (in light orange) focus on Jeff Gothelf’s fine work, being the essence of Lean UX. Hand over a 70-page strategy doc and you’ll be the only person who ever reads it. As explained in the free Field Guide to UX Strategy, the first step is to take out your notepad and pencil. Once they apply, one of Acme’s agents guides them through the process.”. It’s the vision of a solution that needs to be validated with real potential customers to prove that it’s desired in the marketplace. Strategy isn’t a stone carving. And figuring out whether the project is worth being implemented is just as hard for them. As with all other phases of the guide, move on to the next category when you have all the answers above and do your due diligence. Here, we raise assumptions about features that are beneficial to both users and the corporation. Execution of SAP’s UX Strategy Education & Best practices Tools & Technologies UX Design Services EMPOWER Customers to innovate through User Experience NEW & RENEW Delivering over time SAP Fiori UX across SAP Solutions * Business Networks Customer Experience Workforce Engagement Internet of Things and Big Data Digital Core Let it evolve. Even the best individual needs sanity checks along the way. High-risk hypotheses are discarded or are still listed in the guide for future iterations. Killer UX. It may also be because some companies expect their designers to just walk in and magically solve big problems. The Outsized Cost of a Broken Design Process, This UX Strategy Guide helps designers make better decisions. Based on community feedback, we formed a group that is dedicated to teaching topics in UX research and strategy. If you’re not taking the time to create them, odds are, you’re having a tough time getting your best work out the door. Here’s a modified version of a vision statement from a project I worked on recently: “Acme teaches site visitors about health insurance, encourages them to provide the information we need to give them a quote, and then helps those users through the screening process. Don’t write down, “Get more traffic.” That’s a vague wish. I feel quite differently. It is perhaps important to recognize what are some of the parts of a good UX strategy. In order to explain what a UX strategy is, I usually start by separating the two words. U.S. airlines, for example, have made many strategic improvements in recent years, but few of them have been UX-related. It empowers the whole team: When every person knows the goals, every person can make decisions that serve those goals. If an idea doesn’t hold up, the debate is over. The component parts of a user experience (UX) strategy are: A very clear qualitative and quantitative understanding of your current user experience. So when you need to leave town without Fido, who can… Next up is the who, what, when, where, and why of the product. (Ask questions until you’re sure they do.). To achieve this goal, you must base your UX strategy on user research rather than on stakeholder assumptions, consider the context of the enterprise’s strengths and weaknesses, and posit tactics a product team can employ. More than a showcase of skills, it is an opportunity for them to create an enjoyable user experience as well as demonstrate their UX mastery. This practical guide includes 60+ pages of advice and 60+ examples of the latest and greatest web design trends to try this year! Tell them you’ve based all this on the research, which they’ve all heard about and read by now, but that you want to be sure you’ve covered all the thinking. The more information collected, the easier it’ll be to think up ideas for the solution, set potential users and benefits, and minimize risk. Here’s the sections you put on the paper. Here’s how to create one, why you do so before you lay down a single pixel, and what you do with it when you’re done. The 2020 Design Trends eBook is here! A UX Strategy can help businesses eliminate risk by spending time up front to research, plan, test, and validate ideas. One (or more) NO answers state the lack of relevant information for decision making. I think it might be because so few designers are involved in defining that strategy. As Google Ventures suggests, all UX metrics fall into the 5 categories summarized with the acronym HEART: happiness, engagement, adoption, retention, and task success. A popular view of user experience design is that it is a product, and that it’s about execution and tactics. But several iterations are expected in order for the last quadrant to be finalized along with a response to whether to go on with the desired product. Talk to potential users and customers if you already have them. The guide helps in the research of problems, audiences, ideas, hypotheses, risk analysis, and decision-making about a considered product. We succeed when the user experience is aligned with business goals. Here are the simple steps you have to take to get started: Prepare UX strategy Canvas (example above) Schedule a workshop with your product team. Remember that in this category, we’re writing about the problem that we believe exists. Also, writing by hand makes you think differently. If it’s questionable, you can hold off. Fill the left side of the canvas as preparation. This workshop provides a solid background for understanding, building and communicating an effective UX Strategy. There are a f… Good ideas will come flying at you from all directions. It requires becoming a person who leads the process rather than one who does whatever the stakeholders demand. Rather than tell a nice story about Jenny and her 2.5 kids and her nursing career, lay out on what circumstances hold true when a user encounters your product. Step 8 (in light yellow) is a space for recording all ideas about features that are related to the information collected in the previous steps. Since 2005 he has been a speaker at international events such as SXSW, Microsoft MIX and Publishing App Conferences. Designers—especially new ones—often overlook corporate strategy. Be careful… this is a very important milestone. This list is what all your design efforts come down to. What’s a UX strategy? The UX Strategy Guide (opens PDF) is meant to help designers understand and use both the Lean UX Canvas and the UX Strategy Blueprint, with added information to assist in making final decisions. This user experience is required in order to increase both the adoption of the product and the happiness of the users. You won’t be writing much. Occasionally, you’ll learn new information during the course of the project, and you’ll need to revise the strategy document a bit. As you do, tell them you want their feedback. The final … User experience (UX) strategy requires a careful blend of business strategy and UX design, but until now, there hasn’t been an easy-to-apply framework for executing it. Like these (also modified from another project, which was for the analytics section of a procurement app that needed to reveal purchasing trends over time): “Carve it up: Let users slice available statistics in any way that might be helpful, so that analysis can be done in a timely manner. It’s quite possible to have a document that is very useful, but not wholly appropriate. We use cookies to improve performance and enhance your experience. The UX Strategy Guide (opens PDF) is meant to help designers understand and use both the Lean UX Canvas and the UX Strategy Blueprint, with added information to assist in making final decisions. Jeff Gothelf’s Lean UX Canvas is a powerful tool to help raise hypotheses and set next steps, but so little helps inexperienced designers to know whether to continue with an idea. It’s a few overarching sentences about what you want the product to be. Doing even that much is no small art. Call them up, pull them into the room, whatever, and present it to them. Photo credit: Wikimedia. You want their input on anything you’ve missed. Note that this defines the scope and purpose of the product without getting specific about how the purpose will be achieved. Then elaborate on them. 5 steps to review and update your UX strategy. It requires becoming a person who leads the … Either way, discovery involves people and data. It’s not about trying to fit around a mission statement. If they don’t, they can point you to the people who do. Then you need to move on to create the architecture, where you will mix all your ideas together. They all should be easy. This is what an UX strategy should look like: UX tool box to define UX strategy. For example, a document that’s going to be seen by very senior business stakeholders but that is very rough around the edges might be deemed inappropriate. For many people, dogs are not just pets but members of the family. Focus on a small set of core metrics, then be as specific as possible. This enables us to create a user experience strategy, and get a better idea about how users will interact with the app, as well as what environment they’ll use it in. Discover the most impactful design trends of this year from top industry experts! The purpose here is to first identify the problem, then work on the solution. Do not tell them the product needs to be fast. Accessibility, the Design Handoff, and You! The best way to get there is to document it. When embarking upon the design of a new website or product, or undertaking a redesign, it’s important to widen the frame of reference. The guide helps in the research of problems, audiences, ideas, hypotheses, risk analysis, and decision-making about a considered product. Every part of a strategy doc is useful. First, identify business goals; then identify usability goals that allow us to develop the UX vision and strategy. And then it requires developing a strategy (based on all the research you did at the beginning of the project). Feel free to adapt it to your needs. As designers, we love moving pixels and thinking about relationships between screens. But this is my favorite part. (Pro tip: Since numbers can only be either increased or decreased, you can group them like I have here.). A strategy is a plan. This is what you want from a good vision statement. You may not believe it, but many projects could be saved from failing by following steps 2 and 3. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. The first category (light blue, steps 1-5) refers to the understanding of the problem, what’s expected to be solved, what challenges are to be overcome, differences in existing solutions, and how to measure project success. Elements of UX Strategy UX strategy is a long-term plan to align every customer touchpoint with your vision for user experience. A company does not spend thousands of dollars in research time because it wants useless platitudes. The bad ideas will fade. Here’s a good time for UX research. But don’t worry. They all should be fast. All you have to do then is make sure the ideas serve the strategy. A user experience strategy applies this approach to UX design. You can’t design how a person reacts to a product, what baggage they bring along with them on a given day, their biases, but you can plan for what you’d like to have happen.. You can influence.. That’s what makes the strategy good. It’s a vision statement. It’s all action. It’s not a mission statement. The good ideas will come. These are the numbers the stakeholders care about. This involves an understanding of UX strategy in the broadest sense. The second category (light green, steps 6-7) is about understanding the real users of the product and what benefits they expect to get while using it. UX strategies attain value for the organization by improving the experiences of the users. It requires doing your research. This is also an example of UX strategy. We also think about the most serious risks and how to identify their probability. This gives you the chance to guide rather than defend. There were no user profiles. Our goal is to make these topics both approachable and actionable by ensuring our attendees come away with concrete examples … Yes, a notepad, because the second you go digital, everyone’s a critic. When designers don’t understand their company’s goals and expectations for the launch of a new product or the implementation of a new feature, it’s the same as not knowing the end user. Marnix Bras, Cap Gemini "Excellent course, enjoyed breakdown of strategist role. If they knew how to make it that intuitive, they wouldn’t have called you. Call out both trends and edges: Draw attention to both the outliers and trends so that stakeholders can discern what’s average, what’s best, what’s worst, what’s most extreme, etc.”. Formulating a UX Strategy. Strategy then gets into a plan to get to there.. for example doing away with skeumorphic design in favor of a flat design, focussing more in typography to bring more simplicity. The whole team will become UX advocates. UXPin is a product design platform used by the best designers on the planet. Taking a step back and considering the entirety of the user experience leads to better and more memorable experiences. Synthesize all the information gathered in the 4 phases into a 1-2 page document like the example below. Through many examples, hands-on activities, and references to relevant literature, you’ll learn about this emerging field that is critical to the future of UX. Revise it, share it again, keep evangelizing it in every room you walk into. All the research, all the pixel-pushing, all the negotiating, all the politicking, all the development work — none of it matters unless your design succeeds in affecting these numbers. As in, a planning exercise. Like when a competitor announces a new feature that renders one of your brilliant design criterion useless. Useful design criteria are based on your research, and are written with the goal of differentiating the product, of improving upon what’s already been done, and of setting a high bar. Regardless of level – corporate, product, team or personal strategy – the crux of strategy work relies on the same set of elements, outlined below. In 2008, not a single UX conference had a session or workshop devoted to content strategy; In 2010, nearly all of them did, including the IA Summit , UX Week , U X London , User Interface Conference , and even SXSW . It’s okay. Instead, we need to consider how continual research will influence every decision. It’s about systemic change across the organization. Ask what percentage of people you want to sign up for your app three months from now as compared to today. 2 – User Experience Strategy – Design & Prototyping . Every single person on the team needs to live and die by the strategy document. When you’re happy with your own first draft — and that may take a few tries — type it up in digital form and cloud it over to your stakeholders. UX strategy has come into prominence in the past few years as a specialty area within the field of User Experience, as shown by the rapid increase in UX Strategist job titles and events such as the conference UX STRAT.For many of us who have been in the field for a long time, UX strategy is a counterbalance to efficiency-driven, product-centric methodologies like agile, Lean Startup, and Lean UX. It describes the intent rather than the execution. It distributes the UX workload: When everyone on the team can make good decisions, you don’t have to. One of its main functions is to complement the efforts of the product team with an effective UX Strategy. And if you need anything during a design process, it’s an intensely held view of your strategy. Join the world's best designers who use UXPin.Sign up for a free trial.Try it for free! It’s always interesting to find out that “the perfect idea” doesn’t make sense to the user or the business. As in, a planning exercise. It doesn’t matter so much who the users are as what they’re doing. Great learning experience, tons of examples." After all, it’s better to perform another iteration by raising what’s missing than starting a design that will be revised or abandoned later. In short, each hypothesis observed with minimized risk enters the backlog of tasks to be carried out by the design and development teams. Alex Souza has been a user experience specialist for over 20 years. Make it meaningful: Use color and graphs to create quick understandability and meaning. The 1-page strategy doc is the most useful tool of all time. A strategy is a plan. It’s meant to. The UX Strategy Guide is a tool that can help you better understand your company, audience, and market.

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